Luke Harper's Weird Twitter Streak Might Be Over

Luke Harper has brought a peculiar Twitter streak to an end by tweeting about his upcoming movie Mohawk rather than telling us what day it is.

On Wednesday of this week, WWE SmackDown Live Superstar Luke Harper tweeted out about his upcoming appearance in the movie Mohawk. You may think that in itself is not very newsworthy, and you would be right, but the reason it has everybody talking is because it has brought an end to an almost eight month long unbroken streak of Harper effectively tweeting the same thing once a day, every day, and nothing else, until now.

Harper will be appearing in the upcoming film Mohawk which will get its first screening at the Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal. The tweet simply read the name of the film, the festival and its location, and concluded with 2017. Once the tweet had garnered some attention however, maybe more than Harper had bargained for, it was promptly deleted by the former Wyatt and normal service was resumed.

Many WWE Superstars have ventured off into the world of movies and acting, but this will be Harper's first foray. Clearly the former Intercontinental Champion was trying to raise some awareness about his upcoming debut, and if that was his goal he has most certainly been successful.

Harper's mundane and predictable Twitter pattern for the past eight months has become something of a talking point among fans and wrestlers alike. Peers of his have even tweeted their own take on the phrase from time to time while fans, to begin with at least, desperately tried to find meaning in why Harper wanted so desperately to let everyone know what day it is.

The question now is, was the streak actually broken? Since the tweet about Mohawk has been deleted and normal service has been resumed there is no actual break in Harper's regular tweeting pattern from Halloween last year all the way up to the present day. If it was all a ploy to get people interested again in an eight month old gimmick, then mission accomplished.

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Luke Harper has been inexplicably absent from SmackDown Live recently, although there are rumors that he will face Aiden English at Money in the Bank this coming Sunday. Who knows, maybe this Twitter stunt was all part of a plan to get his own name back out there and force himself back on WWE television. Time will tell whether he has been successful in that venture or not.


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