Luke Harper Might Be Back On WWE TV, But He Is Far From Happy

Luke Harper might have returned to a prominent spot in WWE, but all signs point to him still being far from happy.

Something curious happened in wrestling when AEW launched earlier this year. All of a sudden, disgruntled WWE Superstars had a viable alternative. A rival company in which they would be able to earn just as much money, if not more, and potentially have more creative freedom. It led to some pretty awkward situations and also contracts being offered to Superstars simply to stop them jumping ship.

The strangest situation of all was the one revolving around Luke Harper's contract. Harper reportedly asked for his release after not being used by WWE for an extended period. Not only did WWE reportedly refuse Harper's request, but the former Intercontinental Champion also had time added on to the end of his current deal.

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Against all odds, Harper actually returned to WWE TV at Clash Of Champions. He even has a match at next weekend's Hell In A Cell. However, it seems as if Harper is still not happy with his situation. The former Wyatt recently used social media to take a shot at the fact every NXT star having a t-shirt on WWE Shop while he has never had one, and also accused WWE of stealing a t-shirt design from his friend.

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On top of all that, Wrestling News.co is now reporting Harper is yet to sign a new WWE contract. The deal WWE added time on to due to Harper being injured for part of it will run into 2020 but as of right now, that will be when his time with the company comes to an end. Judging by Harper's recent comments on social media, and how he was treated in the past, we're guessing he currently has no interest in re-signing.

Harper actually has a chance to get a little revenge on WWE if he should so choose. Put on a great match at HIAC and his latest run on TV will continue. He can let WWE think he's happy until his contract expires, then jump ship to AEW. On top of all the other benefits, the more Harper wrestles between now and the end of his contract, the hotter a commodity he will be. AEW can't sign everyone, but its bosses would be fools to pass up on Harper should he become a free agent.

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