Luke Harper's Clash Of Champions Appearance Was Unknown To Locker Room Until Last Minute

We don't usually enjoy it when a rumor we report gets debunked, but Luke Harper's return to TV at Sunday's Clash of Champions was certainly one we did not mind being made to look foolish over.

The former Wyatt Family member hadn't wrestled since April, following a request to be released from his contract and reports that Vince McMahon wanted him kept out of the ring, but wrestle he did on Sunday, shocking just about everyone (and we do mean everyone) when he stepped out to provide an assist for Erick Rowan as he beat Roman Reigns in their No Disqualification match.

According to PWInsider, Harper was not listed on the event's formal sheet and no one even saw him backstage until the match between Rowan and Reigns kicked off.

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"Harper was not listed on the format sheet for the show and was hidden until just before the Reigns vs. Rowan bout. No one saw him backstage until just before his return. We are told the idea to bring him back was pitched late last week."

- PWInsider

Dave Meltzer has been made to eat his words after calling time on Harper's WWE career and he's been getting some stick from fans since the 39-year-old showed up. Meltzer has since reported that the star got the call to get off his chair at home and come back to work on Friday but there's no word on why WWE waited this long to bring him back.

So What Now?

It could be that Harper had a change of heart as it pertains to wanting to leave the promotion, but whatever it is, we're quite happy to have him back and it remains to be seen how this new beef with Reigns will play out now that the Bludgeon Brothers look to be back.

Of course, we should know a bit more by Monday night. There's also no word on whether or not Harper will extend his deal with WWE in light of what took place on Sunday but he couldn't have been best pleased after getting an additional six months tacked to his deal.

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