Macaulay Culkin Invades Wrestling Show To Beat Up Hornswoggle [VIDEO]

Hornswoggle had an unlikely opponent during his latest indie wrestling match.

Macaulay Culkin was watching ringside at a Bar Wrestling match Thursday night in Los Angeles. When it came time for the 3v3 tag team match between Joey Ryan, Candace Larae, and Dick Justice against Peter Avalon, Ray Rosas, and Swoggle, Culkin decided to help out the Ryan-Larae-Justice side with some distinctly Home Alone-style tactics.

Just as Rosas and Avalon had Larae and Ryan on the ropes ready for the coup de grâce, Culkin, wearing a Rowdy Roddy Piper t-shirt, came forward to toss a bucket full of marbles into the ring. Rosas and Avalon toon a tumble while the crowd started chanting “Home Alone” in honor of Culkin’s interference, who naturally took a bow for the cheering crowd.

That wasn’t enough for Swoggle though. He quickly brought Culkin into the ring for a crash course in wrestling. To start, he gave Culkin a lesson in smack talk, pushing him around until Culkin eventually got the idea and pushed back. Finally getting the picture, Culkin shoves Swoggle down and then takes up position on the top rung.


Ryan then hands Culkin the bucket he used earlier to hurl at a stumbling Swoggle, knocking him to the mat once more. That’s when Culkin flew from the top rope (with a little help from Dick Justice) to body slam Swoggle for the three count (which Culkin also took part in, much to everyone’s amusement).

An exultant Culkin then gives Candace Larae a victory hug while the crowd continues to chant “Home Alone”.

The video itself is pretty amazing, but not nearly as amazing as the comments on YouTube.

“Love him. They should make a new Home Alone movie with him being an old stoner now it would be amazing,” wrote one user, while others were far less enthusiastic. “What a shame.

He was such a good actor and look how far he has fallin'.”

Could this be the beginning of a brand new career for the Home Alone kid? Maybe start a feud with a pair of tag team criminals? You be the judge.

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