Mae Young Classic Competitor Teases She Could Be Sister Abigail

A Mae Young Classic Competitor is teasing she may be Sister Abigail. The Bray Wyatt character has been a very intriguing one ever since he re-debuted in NXT, but since he has lost so much over the past several years, fans have begun to lose interest. That hasn’t been helped by his lackluster feud with Finn Balor, but on the last episode of Monday Night Raw, we got a hint that could turn Bray Wyatt’s career around.

In one of his best promos to date, not only did Wyatt do more to explain ‘The Demon’ character than the WWE has done over the past few months, but he revealed that Sister Abigail, the character he has spoken about for years, is indeed alive and looking forward to meeting Balor. It’s great to see that the Bray vs Balor rivalry is finally kicking into gear, as both characters are becoming deeper by the week, but the big news out of this is Sister Abigail, who could finally appear on WWE TV after several years of teasing.


So the big question is, who will the WWE choose to play the mysterious character? It could be any number of women who are currently in the WWE, or even any from outside of the company (Leva Bates i.e. “Blue Pants” or Jessica Havok would be my two ideal selections from outside the WWE), but simply put, we don’t know, or do we?

Before Raw last night, Mae Young Classic competitor, and NXT superstar Sage Beckett tweeted a very interesting picture, a picture that simply read ‘They’re all lies darling’, accompanied by #RAW as the caption. This could just be her teasing for fun, as we’ve seen many superstars use social media to drum up hype and tease the fans when nothing is planned to come of it, but the timing just seems too good to not be true here. Beckett is in the ideal position to be Sister Abigail, as she is someone the fans know, but not an already established character (like Paige who is one of the fans top choices), so we think Beckett is a fantastic choice for the role.We will have to wait and see if WWE actually delivers on this promise, and it finally gives this feud the intrigue and excitement that it should have had all along



There is a rumor that it will indeed be Bray Wyatt dressed as an alter-ego, similar to Finn Balor.  We think this idea is absolutely terrible because the addition of a real Sister Abigail character is sorely needed.

So what do you guys think? Do you think that Beckett would be a great Sister Abigail? Do you think that someone already established should play the role? Do you care at all as long as the WWE does it right and it helps Bray turn his career around? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments below.


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