5 Major Casualties From WWE's Budget Cuts

Despite the WWE earning record profits and claiming business is better than it has ever been, budget cuts are a real thing. Wrestlers are losing their jobs, staff is being let go, shows are being canceled and the company is finding ways to try and earn its shareholders a better return.

Over the years, some of the WWE's bigger names have been let go because of budget cuts and just this year alone, Summer Rae, Emma, James Ellsworth, and Darren Young were released. More are likely to come as the WWE heads into 2018. But, what has taken the biggest hit thanks to the WWE's need to shed expenses?

That's a difficult question to answer. Here are Five Major Casualties From WWE's Budget Cuts and among them, you can probably determine which you are saddest to see now gone.

5. Backstage Talent

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A huge part of any WWE broadcast and live event are the people who make the little things the WWE Universe takes for granted happen. For example, long-time music producer Jim Johnston was released after his contract had expired.

If not for budget cuts, it's more than likely his contract would have been renewed, but because he made some good money and the WWE had moved to other options for music entrances, he was expendable. Johnston wrote some of the WWE's iconic theme songs.

Johnston isn't the only casualty here. Referees, producers, office staff and others have been let go as well.

4. WWE Network Shows

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Part of the cutbacks in spending come at the expense of some of the shows being produced on the WWE Network. Bring it to the Table, Talking Smack and other shows have already gotten the ax while others are taking their place. Some of the more costly shows to produce are also on the way out.

From the U.K. Tournament to potentially the cancellation of other tournaments WWE had planned, these budget cuts will be felt by the shows fans really liked to watch now being gone.


3. Special Effects

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Will shows like WrestleMania be affected by this much? No. But you may have noticed that things like pyro at television tapings and other special effects are no longer a part of the regular productions of many broadcasts. The costs were simply too great and their inclusion was an area that could be sacrificed.

The WWE will never be a low-budget, cheaply made show (as is evident by their entrance stage) but little things may start to disappear over time and already have. Did you notice?


2. Writers and Creative Staff

We already discussed backstage talent but it's easy to single out the writing staff and creative minds behind the stories and in-ring action fans get to see on a week-by-week basis and over the years, WWE has let a lot of those staffers go as well.

There are tons of writers now for WWE programming and people in those positions come and go. The issue is the continuity and how creative minds leaving the show can affect the overall product. It often isn't good.


1. WWE Superstars

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The most obvious thing that gets cut is the in-ring talents. Every year there is a grouping of WWE Superstars who are future endeavored that the act itself has become a verb. WWE has lost a number of great talents (some they've even had return) and that will be something that hits the company hard every year.

Sure, there are talents who aren't as useful as the WWE might have hoped but many of these wrestlers who are let go weren't really given a fair shake, to begin with.


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