Major Clue For Breezango's Attackers On SmackDown Live

On SmackDown Live this week WWE may have ever so subtly revealed who exactly it is that have been attacking Breezango.

Sunday night's Hell In A Cell pay-per-view marked the much-anticipated return of Breezango's Fashion Files. The comedic segments have been a firm favorite with the fans and clearly, the gimmick hasn't been dropped due to popular demand. Once again, no questions were really answered on the pay-per-view edition of Tyler Breeze and Fandango's show, but the continuation of a certain thread was once again featured.


The whole point behind Breezango's Fashion Files segments is that the crime-fighting duo is attempting to discover who is behind the attacks on them and the trashings of their office. While The Ascension keeps cropping up in their skits, it has been made abundantly clear that it isn't, in fact, Konnor and Viktor who are responsible. Despite the long investigation, the only lead the pair have to go on is the abbreviation 2B being written on things.

Well, you may not have noticed, but WWE may finally have tipped their cap to who exactly Breezango is looking for and what 2B stands for. Luke Harper and Erick Rowan made their return to TV on SmackDown Live this week and they're back together as a team, calling themselves the Bludgeon Brothers. As pointed out by Mike McMahon on The Wade Keller Pro Wrestling Podcast 2B might very well be an abbreviation of Harper and Rowan's new moniker, Bludgeon Brothers.

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There were a few different schools of thought on where exactly Breezango's breadcrumb trail would lead them, and most fans probably expected something boring like it being The Ascension or WWE just forgetting the angle altogether. Harper and Rowan were always a possibility, but this Bludgeon Brothers theory is the biggest sign yet that they are likely to be revealed as the attackers Breeze and 'Dango are looking for.

It really wouldn't come as a surprise to find out that this wasn't the plan all along, and that Haprer and Rowan have been named The Bludgeon Brothers in order to fit with the recurring 2B theme as opposed to vice versa. Then again, there is every possibility that this is all one big coincidence or that WWE gets wind of people figuring it out and intentionally swerve us instead.

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