25-Year-Old Man Arrested For Filming People (Including a Cop) Peeing At Raw

A Raw attendee was arrested for apparently thinking filming persons urinating was a cool thing to do, and then actually doing it.

WDBJ7 reports that 25-year-old Tyler Bolinger was taken into custody by lawmen after he was caught making a video of people peeing while at the Thompson-Boling Arena in Knoxville, Tenessee, while Raw was being aired on Monday night.

One of the persons in the footage happened to be a police officer, something which is unlikely to help his case.

The 25-year-old, who has been charged with public intoxication and disseminating unlawful photographs, is reported as having admitted to consuming five to six alcoholic beverages and filming at least two people while they took a wee.

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The arresting officer was alerted by a father and son who told him they had seen Bolinger recording folks while they eased themselves in the restrooms.

"A man was arrested after being accused of taking a Snapchat video of an officer and other individuals while using a restroom at the Thompson-Boling Arena on Monday," the story from WDBJ7 reads.

"The report stated that Tyler Bolinger was charged with disseminating unlawful photographs and public intoxication.

"The officer said he was working the WWE event and had used the restroom, which "was quite populated and also had minors present." The officer stated that when he left the restroom, he was flagged down by a man and his young son. According to the report, the passersby told the officer that they saw a man recording the people in the bathroom while urinating."

The officer also said that Bolinger's recording has what appeared to be a Snapchat caption across it, which suggests that he had shared photos or videos on there.

Who Wants To See People Peeing Anyway?

We assume no one. We don't imagine anyone being intrigued by a video of persons urinating but a 25-year-old man appeared to think that he could get some social media attention that way.

Unfortunately for him, disseminating unlawful photos is a Class E felony and he could be staring at a prison sentence of anything between one to six years.

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