Mandy Rose Is The Latest Superstar To Want A Match Against Trish Stratus

A lot of current stars seem to want Trish Stratus to return to the ring and Mandy Rose is the latest of them to declare her desire for a dream match.

A little more than two months ago thirty women from the past and present of WWE stepped into the ring and competed in the first ever women's Royal Rumble match. The milestone bout was an unmitigated success, and aside from Asuka winning the whole thing, the best part of the match was seeing former and current stars clash.

The most eye opening aspect of that was the terrific shape that pretty much all of the returning Superstars were in. Beth Phoenix, Lita, Michelle McCool, all of them looked like they could return to the fold today and work a regular schedule. Trish Stratus also looked in phenomenal shape and ever since the talk of dream matches for the Hall Of Famer has been a hot topic.


Business really picked up when Alexa Bliss admitted that she would love a match against Stratus if she were to return. Following that the seven time Women's Champion revealed her five dream WrestleMania opponents, one of which was Sasha Banks who responded by asking Stratus to wrestle her. The latest current star to throw her hat into the ring is Mandy Rose.

A fan posted a graphic of the two of them along with a tweet saying 'I am ready for this iconic match'. Clearly Rose is too as she retweeted the photo along with the praying hands emoji and a smiley face. Rose has actually been compared to Stratus quite a lot over the past year so if the Canadian star were to return full time then this match would be a must.

Truth be told if Stratus does return for more matches in the near future then Rose will have to join what is already a long line if she wants to go one on on with Stratus. Many are hoping that Stratus steps back into the squared circle and WWE will be more than happy to welcome her back.

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