Dusty Rhode's Old Tag Partner Recalls Telling Vince McMahon Off

WWE chairman Vince McMahon has come off as one of the most intimidating personalities in the sports entertainment industry and for good reason, but that hasn't stopped wrestling stars from telling him off.

The billionaire businessman has been largely successful due to his bold decisions throughout the decades. This would obviously include cutting ties with guys like Hulk Hogan (numerous times), Randy Savage, Ultimate Warrior, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and others.

Considering just how many wrestlers would love the opportunity to perform in WWE, you'd figure they would all try to at least suck up to the company's chairman. But former NWA star Manny Fernandez wouldn't be one of them.


According to the Duke Loves Rasslin' podcast, Fernandez was approached by McMahon and received an offer to perform in NXT, though before that he was offered a chance to wrestle in the promotion. But instead of accepting the job that millions dream of, Fernandez had this to say.

"When Vince tried to hire me and put horns on my head like a real Raging Bull, I told him to go f**k himself and made him look like an idiot. So he was [mad] that I never came back begging for a job. I was never begging for a job."

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Fernandez also added that he wasn't interested in a job where he would be told how to train other wrestlers, but would rather train people on his own.

Fernandez saw some success during his pro wrestling career. He spent some time in the NWA during the late '70s and '80s, winning the tag team championships with Dusty Rhodes. On top of that, Fernandez spent time in the American Wrestling Association, before moving to Puerto Rico's World Wrestling Council.

Those are a handful of the many wrestling promotions Fernandez has competed in. He traveled from promotion to promotion throughout his career, and ultimately had the guts to tell Vince McMahon he had no interest in joining the WWE. Talk about a bold move.

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