Maria Kanellis Reveals She Will Not Be Following Mike Out Of WWE

Maria Kanellis has confirmed that even though her husband Mike has requested his release from WWE, she is currently going nowhere.

The two and half year ride for Mike Kanellis in WWE has been a tricky one. The former Impact star debuted back in 2017 alongside his wife Maria with a lot of pompe and circumstance. It seemed as if WWE had big plans for the pair, probably due to its history with Maria who had previously been employed by the company for an extended period.

However, Mike hasn't been able to find a foothold in WWE, at least not for long. There have been glimmers of hope, such as when he first made the move to 205 Live, but nothing that made a permanent change to his luck and fortunes. After a year filled with rumors that he'd had enough, Kanellis revealed earlier this week that he has indeed requested he be released from his WWE contract.

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Which begs the question, what are Maria's plans going forward? The former 24/7 Champion will have probably been plagued with questions on social media the past couple of days, so decided to make a statement and clear the air. Kanellis published a photo of her husband and daughter, and the caption to go along with the photo included ten brief points.

Those points include clarification about her husband's addiction, from which he has been recovered since the summer of 2017, and also that she makes no apologies for being pregnant. Kanellis also revealed that she has not requested her release from WWE. She didn't clarify whether she plans to, or if there are plans for her to continue the "who's the father?" angle that has been ongoing without her husband, Mike.

Mike and Maria only signed new WWE contracts four months ago, so the whole situation is something of a tricky one. Annoyingly for Mike, shortly after the couple joined the company in 2017, it became clear that WWE had signed both of them but really only had eyes for Maria. Perhaps we will see more of her on TV going forward, and maybe even witness a full in-ring return after she has recovered from the birth of her second child.

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