Mark Henry Reveals Who He Thinks Is The Best Female On The WWE Roster

WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry says he rates Bayley as the best wrestler in the promotion's women's division.

Bayley, who became WWE Women's Champion last Friday, retrieving her title from Charlotte Flair following a remarkable heel turn having lost it to the latter at Hell in a Cell a week ago.

While many fans consider Flair and Becky Lynch to be the best females on WWE's roster, Henry says he thinks Bayley deserves that title, although he reckons Charlotte should be in the conversation because of her athleticism.

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“She has always been, in my opinion, the best wrestler of all the women, and Charlotte has shown that she deserves to be in that conversation, but Charlotte I think benefits from being a better athlete," he explained via Busted open Radio. "So her being a great wrestler is, you know, based on her athletic ability. Bayley is limited in that athletic ability portion.”

Henry also encouraged the current champion to embrace her role as a villain, urging her to quash the apologies or dressing up for people to like her.

The California native seems to have taken up the role pretty well, having shown up to SmackDown sporting a new haircut and walking out to new entrance music before destroying the inflatable figures that have been part of her get-up for years this past Friday.

Following her title win, her words would be very few. Bayley's message was as curt as it gets; "S**w all of you!" was the cry.

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There's Something Deeper At Play Here

Bayley's title win was likely a move to get Charlotte to pass her father's 16 title wins as quickly as possible and they've managed to give the fans a wonderful product in the process.

Bayley is the heel you had no idea you wanted and her new persona is quite intriguing. We really can't wait to see where this goes.

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