WWE HOFer Promises Daniel Bryan Will Get Fans To Boo The Fiend At Survivor Series

It seems as if Daniel Bryan will battle Bray Wyatt at Survivor Series, and Mark Henry seems to think it's a match made in heaven.

It's starting to feel as if WWE has booked itself into a corner when it comes to the latest iteration of Bray Wyatt. There's no doubting that The Fiend is the best thing WWE has done with the former World Champion to date. However, his matches against Seth Rollins during the main events of the last two PPVs have led to him being portrayed as indestructible.

If seven stomps and being pushed into a box full of fireworks didn't stop Wyatt, then what will? Well, Daniel Bryan will be the next Superstar to have a crack at stopping The Fiend in his tracks. Since there is no cross-brand match for the World Champions at Survivor Series, WWE will give Bryan the opportunity to try and take Wyatt's Universal Title next Sunday.

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The matchup might seem slightly confusing to some, mainly because it's currently unclear as to whether Bryan is a face or a heel. Mark Henry acknowledged that on Busted Open Radio and believes it won't become clear what Bryan, Wyatt, and WWE are trying to do with the match until about halfway through.

"By the middle of that match, the crowd will be booing Bray Wyatt, I can promise you," Henry said on the show. The WWE Hall of Famer referenced Bryan's recent appearance on Miz TV, and that its the beginnings of him becoming a face again. The match will begin like Wyatt's previous three as The Fiend, but then Bryan will refuse to do anything untoward, unlike Rollins, and have the WWE Universe firmly behind him.

It's an interesting notion, and one Henry seems to have a lot of confidence in. It will certainly take a master plan to get fans to boo The Fiend, a character much of the WWE Universe has fallen in love with over the last few months. Ideally, WWE would want fans booing a character which is effectively an unbeatable monster, Bryan could well be the man to get that job done.

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