Marketing VP Comments On The Rock/Under Armour Success

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The question has been asked a couple of times. Is there anything that The Rock can't do? The Rock has had a ton of success in the WWE and outside of it.

The Rock recently partnered with Under Armour and his success has been remarkable. The Rock has already helped sell a bunch of Under Armour products in a short amount of time.

Under Armour Senior Vice President of Global Brand Marketing said the following:

“The fact that The Rock can make a 8 year old girl scream, as well as he can make a 45 year old man is the brand love we want to deliver.

The Rock is interesting because we've had a relationship with him for years. If you ever look back at old footage, he's always in Under Armour and he's always been a great friend of Kevin's.”

In addition to noting the relationship that The Rock has had with Kevin Plank, who is the founder and CEO of Under Armour, Lofton said the following:

“In essence, The Rock's social platform is its own media channel. When someone like that loves your brand, he shouldn't just be a friend of the brand, he should be a part of the brand. That's what we started to look at in 2016 and we're going to continue to improve that part of the roster.”

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