Marty Jannetty Asks Fans If He Should Sleep With A Woman That Could Be His Daughter

One on hand you can potentially count the former wrestlers who are both still alive and have seemingly lost a grip on reality since leaving wrestling. Among those is former tag team great and ex-WWE Superstar Marty Jannetty.

Since departing WWE, Jannetty had his issues. From asking if he should star in pornographic films on social media to calling out other wrestlers, it feels as though the more we hear from or about him, the more he seems to be screaming for attention. He often claims that his accounts are hacked and while no one seems to know for sure what's on the straight and narrow with the former member of The Rockers, people just assume he's up to his old ways when he makes news for all the wrong reasons.


His latest apparent lapse in good judgment recently received some mainstream media attention. Thinking it wouldn't send people reeling (oh how he was mistaken), Jannetty posted a question on Facebook asking if it was OK to have sex with his "daughter". The only silver lining one can find here is that he did later explain that both he and his daughter recently discovered she was not, in fact, his daughter, but that technicality makes it only slightly less creepy an idea.

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The inappropriate question was first reported by The New York Post and as a result, Jannetty removed the post. But he later added, “Just did a DNA [test], she’s NOT my daughter, we both held out of sex because you don’t do that.. but now we ain’t?” Jannetty then made a sexist comment and asked wrestling fans for their opinions on the matter.


Since then, Jannetty has come out to claim his account was hacked and that he's disappointed anyone would believe he'd suggest such a thing. While he may be telling the truth, there is some history with Jannetty and these types of strange developments. In short, he hasn't exactly built the best reputation for himself.

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He once admitted his first sexual encounter was with a niece or cousin when he was 12 years old. He's also been a known heavy partier, and had a wild lifestyle while employed by the WWE and after he left. He vowed to get his life back together when he met a daughter he knew nothing about, but this latest news doesn't sound like things are going so well.

This is just all-around bad for Jannetty and the WWE. More importantly, if it's true that Jannetty posted this, daughter or not, that poor girl probably regrets having "found" her father in 2014.

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