Massive Plot Twist At Hell In A Cell Main Event

Sami Zayn actually helped Kevin Owens to close out his Hell In A Cell match with Shane McMahon. To quote the first words out of Renee Young's mouth to begin Talking Smack following the Hell In A Cell pay-per-view, "Oh my gosh, what did we just see?!"

Tonight's Hell In A Cell pay-per-view was a little up and down, but it started off way up with the great tag team championship match between The Usos and The New Day and it ended way up with the main event between Shane McMahon and Kevin Owens. Well, actually it ended up and down as Shane-O Mac made one of his signature jumps from the top of the Hell In A Cell cage onto an announce table.


A table on which he placed a beat up Kevin Owens (who go that way when McMahon wrestled him off the side of the cage and sent Owens into another one of the announce tables).

So, a barely moving Owens had been placed nicely on the announce table in preparation for McMa20-foot0 foot jump. But when Shane McMahon landed on the table Owens was no longer there. In real time, it might have seemed to many watching that Owens was able to pull himself off the table in the nick of time and escape what would have been a "crushing" moment. Not so fast though!

Upon further review (about 10 replays and the announcers pointing it out over and over again with shocked tones), Owens was actually pulled from almost certain defeat by a fellow WWE Superstar. It was the last Superstar that anyone would ever expect to help Kevin Owens—Sami Zayn!

via: stillrealtous.com

And if that wasn't shocking enough, while the medical staff was looking at McMahon and working to get him onto a stretcher, Zayn grabbed Owens, dragged him over to McMahon and dropped him on top of the SmackDown Live Commissioner. And with the fight being a Falls Count Anywhere match, the ref had no choice but to go for the three count and Owens ended up winning.

While the outcome of the match, a Kevin Owens victory, was not a big surprise to anyone. The intervention of Sami Zayn in the match—especially on the side of helping Owens is something that no one would have predicted. And as the show ended, we still don't know why. The announcers were shocked and gave no hints or clues as to why he did it and even the look on Zayn's face as he was doing it. Afterwards, it looked like even he was surprised by his own actions.

If you needed  a reason to tune in to SmackDown Live this Tuesday night, finding out more information about this new Sami Zayn helping Kevin Owens plot twist seems like a really good reason!


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