5 MASSIVE Rumors Coming Out of TLC 2017

Sunday's TLC pay-per-view took place despite some last minute changes. Usually, last minute changes mean potential long-term effects, and the final results of the event left no doubt that things were altered by some of the happenings over the past couple weeks.

With Kurt Angle helping The Shield defeat the team of The Miz, Kane, Braun Strowman, Sheamus, and Cesaro, what's next for Angle? Will he go back to being the Raw general manager? Is he a wrestler again? Maybe this was a one-time situation for now.

What about Kane and Braun Strowman? The five-man team didn't last as the two monsters inexplicably had at each other. WWE must have plans for these two and at the very least, provide some explanation.

These developments among others have speculated at a number of things the WWE Universe should watch for. Here are Five Big Rumors Coming Out of TLC 2017.


5. Enzo The True Face of 205 Live

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Enzo Amore winning back the Cruiserweight Title isn't just a temporary thing. It appears that WWE is planning on keeping the title on him for a while as they run the entire Cruiserweight Division around him as the champion. Kalisto winning the belt in the first place was only a temporary fix as the WWE sorted out the situation with Neville. With that in the bag, Amore is the guy.

This might not sit well with some of the members of the cruiserweight roster, but if Amore can draw attention to the program, it will be a long-term plan that makes everyone some money. Neville's departure only makes it easier for Amore to do his thing. He's got one less backstage hurdle to jump.


4. Balor vs Styles 2... Sweet

AJ Styles said on Raw Talk after the pay-per-view that he's headed back to SmackDown Live. Still, the WWE was not oblivious to the reaction the Too Sweet hand gesture got when done between Styles and Balor to end their match. There might be some money in teaming these two together, potentially leading a group of wrestlers or another match between the two fan favorites.

Balor shared that sentiment as he posted a video of him thanking Styles for taking him to the limits and believes there should be a Balor vs Styles two. Gallows and Anderson would fit naturally in the story and if they can't and won't use the Bullet Club, they could consider the name "Too Sweet" as a group name.

3. Sister Abigail Plans May Change

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Would the WWE see what happened with Bray Wyatt's illness as a chance to refresh their idea of using Wyatt as Sister Abigail? There are a number of ways that the company could take the angle, but the fact that fans were delighted to hear AJ Styles would face Finn Balor instead of Wyatt has to be an eye-opener for WWE.

If the WWE goes another route, they'll need to look for a female competitor to play the part. It would be a name that is mostly unfamiliar to WWE fans. If only the company could have looked into a crystal ball to see which storyline would have ended with a better result.

2. Angle Will Wrestle Again

Kurt Angle's re-debut was a success. While there were some ups and downs, he came out on top as an honorary member of The Shield and he showed up on Raw Talk afterward to say that he felt great and he thinks this is the first in a series of future matches.

The issue might be what WWE does with the fact that it might be hard to have a general manager who fought a high percentage of the roster. Can he be impartial? Sheamus dropped the name Mick Foley in a backstage segment prior to the match. Is that a sign Raw may be getting a new GM?

1. Strowman vs Kane Coming

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The main event of the show had people thoroughly confused. Kane was on Strowman's side until he wasn't. Strowman turned on Kane, then on the rest of the team. Kane then teamed with The Miz and The Bar to eliminate Strowman. It was insanity in terms of logical thinking, but it gave The Shield the win.

The idea here is a one-on-one feud for Kane and Strowman. It's the backup plan to a Kane versus Roman Reigns feud. It won't be a long-term pairing as Strowman will dispatch of Kane and move onto something else.


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