Matt Hardy And Chris Jericho Attack David Crosby Over Insulting Comments

Wrestlers don't often respond too kindly to outsiders taking shots at their livelihood. So too, wrestling fans are some of the most dedicated and loyal fans in the world. Put the two together and you're bound to create fireworks and a pretty lethal arsenal against anyone who dares poke fun or gain publicity at the expense of the wrestling industry. Right now, the ire of the wrestling world seems to be pointed solely at David Crosby from the band Crosby, Stills, and Nash.

Crosby recently took to Twitter, and for some inexplicable reason, decided to criticize pro wrestling and more specifically, the WWE. He wrote, “WWF to those of us who can read and write is Words With Friends Not wrestling.” While a pretty ignorant generalization of wrestling fans, it was a bit out of the blue and also completely out-dated in terms of an insult.


This seems to stem from a twitter Q&A where someone asked if the musician did crossword puzzles, to which he replied: "I do WWF". Some fans must have picked up on the tweet, thinking he was referring to wrestling, prompting the next tweet.


It was in 2002 when the WWE officially changed its name from the WWF to WWE. A legal battle with the World Wildlife Fund promoted the change from a group or association (which is what the World Wrestling Federation was) to an entertainment product known as World Wrestling Entertainment. In reality, that's not the issue that is going to trigger most of Crosby's recent and future hate mail.

That he tried to deeply insult wrestling fans while taking a pot shot at the industry is what will have most of the millions of loyal followers up in arms. His use of a 20-year-old term is merely ammunition for the attack that is about to come.  The response started with Matt Hardy.

Fans quickly followed Hardy's lead and let the once popular rock singer know about their unhappiness. Below are just a couple of the many tweets Crosby has received in response to his little quip — one he will probably wish he never made.

Chris Jericho even chimed in, telling Crosby to stick to music.

There is a lesson here. If you're going to pick a fight, pick a fight against an industry you at least know well enough to backup your argument. Then, if you decide you want to stick by your statement, make sure you don't take on a fan base that will take your comments personally.

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Crosby chose an interesting time to make an extremely out-dated comment. He's going to learn rather quickly that ignoring his Twitter feed for a while might be the best advice anyone can give him.

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