Matt Hardy Denies Clowning Chris Jericho Over Lost Belt, Jericho Responds

Matt Hardy has denied making fun of Chris Jericho after, well, making fun of Chris Jericho.

The AEW World Champion was in the news all of last week after his belt went missing while he was eating at a LongHorn Steakhouse and has been the butt of jokes as a result.

Of course, this may all be a work, but Hardy had a bit of fun on Twitter at Jericho's expense recently. The WWE star posted a video of himself coming from a LongHorn Steakhouse then running back to retrieve his belt, which he would reveal was nearly stolen.

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He's since returned to Twitter to clear things up, claiming he wasn't making fun of Y2J and was simply taking advantage of a "wacky" situation to remind people how entertaining he can be.

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“For the record, I am not making fun of @IAmJericho," he wrote. "I just saw an opportunity to make a cute parody of last week’s wacky events & remind people of how entertaining I can be. Chris is a great friend & is an industry master of evolution & reaction. ENJOY!”

Jericho has responded to Matt's tweet, letting the Hardy Boy know he loved it.

“I loved it!" he tweeted. "It was OUTSTEEEEEENDING!!!!”

No Harm Done

Of course, there was no malice intended here and Hardy's telling it exactly like it is, although he quite clearly made fun of Jericho losing (or pretending to lose) his belt.

There's no problem with former colleagues poking a bit of fun at each other and Hardy took full advantage of the opportunity to get one over Y2J. It's not quite Kobe Bryant throwing shade at Shaquille O'Neal and saying that they'd have won 12 championships together if the big fella was a harder worker.

In any case, both Jericho and Shaq saw the lighter side, as was the intention. So, nothing more to see here - T'is all good.

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