Matt Hardy Reveals His Ideal 'Woken' WarGames Match

Clearly once Woken Matt Hardy is done with Bray Wyatt that won't be the last we see of the gimmick in WWE as Hardy has big ambitions.

The gradual introduction of the Broken (or Woken) Universe into WWE has been somewhat hit and miss so far. While the majority of fans loved it initially, trying to pinpoint exactly what made it such a huge success in Impact Wrestling is proving tricky. We have The Woken One and he has his signature laugh, but we haven't seen much of the other wacky stuff that used to come along with him.


That stuff includes everything from his very own compound plus a cast of supporting characters. His wife Reby, Senor Benjamin and Vanguard 1 all were as integral as Hardy himself in making the gimmick successful. One man who may return to Hardy's side soon though is Brother Nero (Jeff Hardy) so prepare yourselves for a new layer to be added to the universe very soon.

Recently Hardy sat down with Uproxx and talked about everything to do with the Woken gimmick. If you've heard Hardy perform interviews outside of WWE you'll know that he doesn't break character, and clearly this was no different. His aforementioned cast of supporting characters were discussed, as were his current vessel's roots in North Carolina.


The discussion of his Carolinian roots led to the topic of Starrcade and how much of an honor it was to appear on the edition of the show that WWE ran in November of last year. WarGames also made it triumphant return of course and Hardy was asked who his ideal teammates would be for the barbaric match up. "It would be myself, the nefarious Brother Nero, King Maxel, and Señor Benjamin," Hardy replied. You may raise your eyebrows at Maxel entering a WarGames match but remember he already has a win to his name.


Although the WarGames match at NXT TakeOver during Survivor Series weekend was an unmitigated success, as of right now it's unclear as to whether WWE will be using the match again any time soon. If it does manifest on the main roster however, then a match of that type between the various members of the Woken Universe and a reunited Wyatt Family would be absolutely can't miss.

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Matt Hardy Reveals His Ideal 'Woken' WarGames Match