Impact Wrestling Joins The Great War By Burying The Hatchet With Matt Hardy

One of the take home moments from 2017 that fans will not soon forget was the shock return of The Hardy Boyz to WWE. Matt and Jeff were added to the Raw Tag Team Title match at the last second at WrestleMania 33, and it was electric inside the Orange Bowl. It might not have been quite what fans were expecting once the dust settled though.

While Matt Hardy was away he made a gimmick famous that was extremely different from the one he had wrestled under in WWE. Broken Matt was created while the veteran was working with TNA and it became the talk of the industry. It was crazy, it was unique, and it put both House Hardy and TNA back on the pro wrestling map.


Fans were expecting Hardy to bring the Broken Universe to WWE along with him, but that didn't happen. Details gradually began leaking out that there was a dispute over who exactly owned the rights to the gimmick. Hardy believed it to be his intellectual property while TNA, who have since become Impact Wrestling, thought it was theirs. The argument quickly became pretty public and things were said by both members of the Hardy household and Impact Wrestling President Ed Nordholm via social media.

Clearly that has all been left in the past now though. Not only is Hardy using a tweaked version of the gimmick on WWE television, but on Wednesday of this week he posted a photo of himself and Nordholm smiling and shaking hands. Hardy tweeted 'Ed Nordholm & The Owl of Anthem have revealed themselves as MAJESTIC beings who stand on the side of the LIGHT'.



This is pretty much the last chapter in what has been an almost year long saga, from The Hardys WWE re-debut until now. Before this Impact Wrestling announced that all their performers, past and present, will have ownership of their gimmick and intellectual property thanks to the effort put in by Matt Hardy and his family. A great step forward for any of those currently at the company and it's also nice to see that both parties can be adults about the whole thing and that there are no hard feelings.

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