It looks like Woken Matt Hardy is back to using his old school entrance music at live events.

A recent WWE Live event demonstrated just how little fans know about the day-to-day of the WWE. There’s really no way to know for certain which WWE Superstar is getting pushed, demoted, or marketed in a certain way. Perhaps there’s no current WWE Superstar who demonstrates this fact more than Matt Hardy.

Having returned to the WWE at last year’s WrestleMania, it will be only a couple months before Matt and Jeff Hardy have officially been back with the company for a year. During most of that time, WWE fans clamored for Hardy to break out the “Broken” gimmick he made popular in TNA and Impact Wrestling. It took months until that ever happened and mostly due to what fans believed was a trademark issue.


However, over the last month, Hardy started teasing being “Woken”. It was a play on the “Broken” character and perhaps a way to skirt the copyright issues facing WWE. Not long after, it was revealed that Ed Nordholm of Anthem Sports was going to be releasing all former Impact copyrights to the talents so they could use them with other companies.

From there, it was full steam “Woken” Matt Hardy. He started using his popular broken dialogue, getting fans to participate in chants reserved for the character and just a few weeks ago, fully “broke” as he became the character with no visible signs of the regular Matt Hardy to speak of.


As time passed, Hardy started using more and more of the details associated with the character, including coming to the ring at a WWE Live event to piano music and going on social media to suggest that perhaps Reby Sky (his wife) wasn’t far behind. It was a wonderful moment for the audience in attendance who knew what they were seeing.

But, video taken by a fan at another WWE Live event that followed showed Hardy was back to his old Team Extreme music.

What this means is unclear. Is WWE rethinking their use of his piano theme? Were they testing out the reaction from the crowd? Are they not technically allowed to use that theme yet?

“Woken” Matt Hardy coming to ring with his Team Extreme music is awkward to say the least. Hopefully, the WWE has not run into a snag when it comes to what music they can or cannot use. It will be interesting to see where this goes and if his first televised match has music that matches his new persona or if the company is going to try and fit a square peg into a round hole, which ultimately, would be terrible for his new persona.


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