Matt Hardy Says He's Interested In Buying TNA

Not that you should be surprised by anything Matt Hardy does anymore, but still, this is quite a shocker if he's serious. As revealed last week, TNA's video library is being purchased by WWE and majority owner Billy Corgan is set to revamp the company.

Matt Hardy has now tweeted he'd be interested in buying the company, as seen in the tweets below. It should be noted that Hardy has often tweeted in-character as Broken Matt, so it's very possible this is all in character as well. Still, the thought of Matt Hardy owning TNA brought a smile to our faces, so we felt we'd share it with you.

I am interested in purchasing @IMPACTWRESTLING if the owners will sell to me.

I would inject my #BROKENBrilliance into every iota of it.

— #BROKEN Matt Hardy (@MATTHARDYBRAND) October 11, 2016

If I buy, 1st move is to DELETE the OBSOLETE TNA acronym.

The poor play on words retards the brand from reaching its full potential.#TND

— #BROKEN Matt Hardy (@MATTHARDYBRAND) October 11, 2016

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