Matt Hardy Talks About The WWE Mentioning The Hardy Boys On Austin's Podcast

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WrestleZone Radio's Nick Hausman talked with Matt Hardy earlier today and during that conversation one of the topics that came up was all the buzz that came about when The Hardy Boys were mentioned on Steve Austin's Live Network podcast. Well, what did Hardy think of this?:

"Typically WWE doesn’t acknowledge the top guys of the competition. It’s very flattering, it’s humbling. I think it goes to say, WWE is like, ‘Hardys, you started here and good luck, we love you.

It’s always nice to be recognized, but right now Jeff and I are kinda grinding away, we gotta little more time on our TNA deals and our job right now, our priority is to try and improve the TNA brand as much as possible. And my immediate goal there is to win back the title, and be the champion that kinda leads them into a new era and hopefully really get momentum and try and make all their numbers go up. That’s what I want to do, that is my goal."

And how much time do they have left on those current TNA deals?

"Jeff is going through a couple of things because of his injury," said Hardy, "but we’ve got a few to several months left."

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