Important Broken Universe Character Teased For WWE Debut

Woken Matt Hardy is here, but he's missing his entourage. Now, he's teasing a major part of his universe for a WWE debut.

Matt Hardy continues to tease that certain members of the Broken Universe will return to TV, and his wife Reby is the latest name being brought up.

Most fans had likely given up hope just a couple of months ago when it came to Matt Hardy becoming Broken within the realms of WWE. Yet, here we are as 2017 is about to come to a close and the gimmick is on Raw each and every week. Hardy may be Woken instead of Broken, but it is very much the character that he portrayed and made famous while in TNA.

What's still missing is the cast of supporting characters that stood shoulder to shoulder with Hardy during The Final Deletion and all the other chapters of his Broken Brilliance. The Woken One has used Twitter in order to tease their respective returns. He has already said that Senor Benjamin is preparing the battlefield, tweeted a video of King Maxel shouting 'yes', and Vanguard 1's account has once again become active.


The one person missing from that list is Matt Hardy's real-life wife Reby, until now. Reby Hardy famously played her husband's entrance music on occasion in TNA and a fan asked Matt on Twitter earlier this week whether we can expect her to do the same for him in WWE anytime soon. While it was worded in a familiarly peculiar way, the short answer was yes.

Since Hardy became Woken in WWE, we have only seen him appear on-screen in back and forths with Bray Wyatt as opposed to being physically in the ring. That was until this past Monday on Raw when he materialized between the ropes in order to chase away The Eater Of Worlds. He is yet to compete in a match though, and maybe when that day does come we will see the rest of his Woken family.


The booking of Woken Matt in WWE is still a little shaky as of right now, but they're getting there. Vince McMahon and co realized quickly that giving us the same sort of thing between Hardy and Wyatt each week would become stale, so they have begun to mix it up. As always WWE, our advice is to hand Hardy the reigns and watch the magic happen. You can thank us later.

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Important Broken Universe Character Teased For WWE Debut