Matt Hardy Teases Sister Abigail In Promo Targeting Bray Wyatt

The Woken state of Matt Hardy in WWE and his current rivalry with Bray Wyatt has been a little hit and miss so far. The first time Hardy interrupted a Wyatt promo the crowd was extremely invested and how could they not be? We were finally getting the version of Hardy that we had been waiting to see in WWE since his and Jeff's return at WrestleMania  33.

The follow up promo between The Woken One and The Eater Of Worlds wasn't so great. It was pretty much a watered down version of what we had seen the week before and felt a little too over-produced. That's exactly what we don't want from anything Woken Matt is involved in and this week it returned to something a little more obscure.

Hardy didn't go back and forth with Wyatt this week and instead we found him playing chess against a goldfish who he claimed to be the vessel for the soul of Napoleon Bonaparte. See what we mean by obscure? After defeating Napoleon, Hardy went about addressing the WWE Universe and explained what he has planned for The Eater Of Worlds. What's more he made mention of the source of Wyatt's power, Sister Abigail.

A few months ago one of Raw's main angles revolved around the possible reveal of who or what Sister Abigail was supposed to be. Unfortunately though Wyatt was struck down with a virus and the story line never came to fruition. In typical WWE fashion it appeared as if the angle would just be forgotten about. Now that Hardy is openly talking about Sister Abigail though maybe we will finally get some answers.


WWE may be struggling to keep the Woken Matt Hardy angle consistently good but at least it's not been terrible from the offset. Plus if Sister Abigail is finally going to make an appearance then during this saga may very well be a better place for her than what they had planned previously. Sister Abigail may prove to be the one thing that proves too weird even for Woken Matt and his ancient soul.

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