Matt Hardy Teases Woken Persona With Fantastic Promo

Ever since he signed with WWE fans have been waiting to see Matt Hardy's Borken persona, now he's teasing it again, and it feels more real than ever.

The WWE has been teasing a Matt Hardy "awakening" for weeks. As far back as almost two months, Hardy started to talk in shades of the "Broken" character he made famous in TNA and dropped small doses of a similar character on the WWE audience week after week. This was all while the WWE was not legally able to use the "Broken" gimmick which was a trademark owned by Anthem Sports.

Last week, prior to Monday Night Raw was the closest the WWE Universe has come to seeing Matt Hardy shed his Team Extreme persona go "Woken" on the WWE. He and Jeff filmed a promo prior to Raw and declined The Miz's invitation to join his Miztourage and instead delete him. Alas, there was no "Broken" or "Woken" Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy lost in his singles match and attempt at the Intercontinental Title.


On Thursday, Sept. 7, 2017, Matt filmed another promo. This time he released a Twitter-exclusive vignette where he kept saying “feed me your energy.” In this promo, he's almost exclusively acting in the style of a gimmick fans are starting to believe will never come.

"Show me with your adoration. Engulf me with your disdain. Feed more your emotion. Feed me your energy and watch me metabolize it and turn it into power!" He ends the video by repeatedly yelling, "feed me your energy!"


There's no telling exactly what the plan is here. Is Hardy "Broken", is he "Woken", or is he something completely different? His final line, "Get woke, stay woke" suggests the WWE has finally pulled the trigger on this idea and something is coming.

While fans who have been waiting for Hardy's character change to occur, and to date have been disappointed, this promo is far too close to being a "Woken" Matt that it can't be ignored.

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Matt Hardy Teases Woken Persona With Fantastic Promo