Matt Hardy Throws Shade At GFW's Situation

Global Force Wrestling may once again be in financial turmoil, and it wouldn't be right if the Hardy family didn't do a little gloating about it.

For the last few months, Global Force Wrestling appeared to be on the up somewhat. For a long while before it really did seem to be a matter of when, rather than if, the company would finally go under. However, whatever it's called and whoever's in charge, GFW seems to find a way to survive. They were bought by Anthem and changed their name from TNA and things seemed to be relatively OK for once.

That was until now. Once again, the daily wrestling headlines have been filled with stories about GFW being close to the brink. It was with the help of new parent company Anthem that GFW managed to navigate to smoother waters in the first place, and now it appears just a short time later that Anthem already wants out. On top of that, head honcho Jeff Jarrett is no longer in charge, which begs the question will they carry on with the GFW name as that effectively belongs to Double J?


When GFW struggles, there is one thing for certain,  the Hardy compound will be there to rub salt into the wounds. Earlier this week, upon hearing the news that Anthem is looking to sell GFW, Matt Hardy tweeted a DELETE themed gif along with the caption 'The Hardys will outlast all'. Matt's wife Reby also joined in the Twitter festivities claiming that she "done owned that owl."


To say the current situation between GFW and The Hardy Boyz is hostile right now would be an understatement. Since Matt and Jeff rejoined WWE at this year's WrestleMania, the two parties have been locked in a battle over who owns the rights to the Broken gimmick used on GFW television. Things have gotten pretty nasty and dirty laundry has been aired in public, so it's unsurprising that The Hardys are taking great pleasure in what's going on there at the moment.

Whether you're a fan of GFW or not, when all is said and done,  people need to remember is that if they do eventually go under, a lot of men and women will lose their jobs. Considering their track record though, it would come as no surprise to see them weather this storm and come out the other side. Time will tell, and one of these days you'd have to imagine that GFW will push their luck a little too far.

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