Matt Hardy Goes Full "Woken" In CRAZY Raw Promo [VIDEO]

Matt Hardy cut his first promo since becoming Woken in WWE this past Monday night on Raw, and here it is in case you happened to miss it.

Last week on Raw, it very much felt like we might have been witnessing the beginning of something special. Matt Hardy suffered a defeat at the hands of Bray Wyatt and it seemed to awaken something inside of him. The pro wrestling veteran sat dejected in the corner of the ring yelling delete as Michael Cole hinted that Hardy was suffering a breakdown.

Since The Hardy Boyz returned to WWE at WrestleMania 33 many fans have been waiting for this to happen. While in TNA, Hardy returned to prominence with the creation of his Broken Universe. He and his former employers have been engaged in a legal battle for months, and it would appear that Hardy has won that war.


WWE's version of the gimmick, however, has Hardy labeling himself Woken as opposed to Broken. What fans are now worried about is how much freedom Hardy will get with the project. Well, if Matt's first Woken promo is anything to go by, then he is being given a lot of creative freedom. He and Bray Wyatt went back and forth on the Titantron in a war of words that was hands down the highlight of this week's Raw.

Wyatt labeled Hardy's Woken words to be "the ramblings of a madman." That seems like a case of the pot calling the kettle black there Wyatt. Matt replied and signed off by informing The Eater Of Worlds that he will, in fact, sentence him to deletion. While some may be worried that many WWE fans may not be aware of what Hardy did with the gimmick in TNA last year, the crowd reaction was certainly pretty strong whenever the promo battle threw back to him.



So without a shadow of a doubt now, we are about to see WWE's take on the extremely popular Broken Universe. Plus, they're starting Hardy off with the rivalry we all wanted to see when the two of them were in separate promotions, Hardy and Bray Wyatt. Here's to hoping that Vince McMahon didn't watch this week's segment and hate it so much that he wants to take control of it because with Hardy at the helm this is guaranteed to be must-see TV.

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