Matt Hardy Teases 'Woken' Gimmick After Raw; Will It Finally Happen In WWE?

Matt Hardy is known to tease his old "Broken" gimmick, and after Raw, he did just that again.

It's been a development fans have been waiting on for months. Matt Hardy has been teasing a return of his "Broken" gimmick he made famous in TNA and at one point, when it seemed like he wasn't going to obtain the trademark for the name—one that Anthem Sports claims to own—he teased being "Woken" in WWE.

After all this time, WWE still hasn't made any official remarks in relation to the name, but Matt Hardy has teased it a number of times. Yet, now would be perfect as his brother Jeff is out of action with an injury and Matt Hardy is being used as an enhancement talent. It wasn't until after Raw this week and a run-in with Elias that Hardy made mention of being taken to his "breaking point".


This could be nothing but a coincidence. But, it also could be a subtle hint that WWE is looking at trying to do something with Matt and potentially focus on his character. Fans would love to see him make a switch and undoubtedly, the most impact he'll have in any feud is if he officially "breaks" and becomes the "Woken" or "Broken" character the WWE Universe is hoping for.

The video should come with a warning for fans. Hardy has been known to drop the words "broken", "woken", "breaking" and some of the many other phrases and words that are associated with his character before. He'll make faces and act in ways that represent the old character but the WWE has never moved him in that direction and Hardy hasn't done anything other than speaking in subtle tongues during backstage interviews. This could be all Hardy and an attempt to keep the character in the back of people's minds.

We'd caution fans not to get too excited as we mentioned, Hardy likes to drop references to his old gimmick, but it's yet to happen. Now, so far out from his TNA run, it's hard to tell how well received his "Broken" gimmick will be in WWE.


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Matt Hardy Teases 'Woken' Gimmick After Raw; Will It Finally Happen In WWE?