Matt Hardy Shoots On WWE Survey That Included GFW/TNA Content

The WWE recently sent out a survey to users of the WWE Network asking for their feedback. It's not something new and the company is known to do this from time to time in an effort to ensure they're offering the most useful programming for its viewers. Ironically, it often doesn't change what the WWE programs and produces, but it's a useful exercise in getting their finger on the pulse of what their audience is thinking.

One person in the audience who decided to answer that survey was none other than Matt Hardy. If you're wondering why Matt Hardy would answer a survey meant for the WWE Universe, it's because one specific question caught his interest.

As part of the WWE's set of questions was one specifically tied to whether or not the WWE Universe would like to see the promotion air Global Force Wrestling (GFW) or TNA content on the WWE Network. As you can imagine, Hardy has a lot invested in how WWE and Anthem Sports (who owns TNA) conduct business since Hardy is actively working to get Anthem to release his "Broken" gimmick.


To date, Hardy has not been successful in his quest and has been teasing the WWE audience with an altered version of the character for over a month. No switch has been made from "Extreme" Matt Hardy to "Woken" Matt Hardy, and fans are starting to wonder if that will ever occur. Many believe, as a result, the above tweet by Hardy is a stab at Anthem and a prayer that the WWE might actually be serious about obtaining portions of that library to introduce Hardy's fans to the "Broken" character.

via wwe.com

The drama that exists between Matt Hardy, Anthem Sports, and now potentially WWE is some of the most interesting in wrestling right now. Anthem has been in the news for all the wrong reasons as of late, and if the company does, in fact, sell its video library to Vince McMahon and the WWE, it will likely mean TNA and Anthem are done in the wrestling business and the WWE will become "Broken".


But, then again, this just a survey and could mean absolutely nothing.

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