Matt Hardy On Broken Universe In WWE "It's Happening" Teases "The Awakening"

Matt Hardy may no longer be "Broken" but he may be "Woken".

Following Raw on Monday night, Matt Hardy came the closest he’s been to his Broken persona in WWE during a backstage Fallout interview. After he and his brother Jeff brawled with The Revival and Gallows and Anderson, Hardy started using the same crazy accent and facial expressions he made famous in TNA and from his days as Broken Matt.

If Hardy is, in fact, "Woken" it says a lot about how things have been progressing on the copyright and ownership front of the "Broken" gimmick that Anthem Sports claims to own the intellectual property of.

Negotiations with Global Force Wrestling over the Broken gimmick had stalled and Matt's wife Reby Sky and, for that matter, Matt himself, had taken to Twitter in the last few days to address the topic. Things were getting heated between the two sides and all the while, Matt, and Jeff were sparingly using familiar phrases like “obsolete mule” and "delete" on WWE programming.


The fallout video was the first sign that things were changing. Matt then posted the video on Twitter with the caption, “, IT’S HAPPENING. ”. Subsequent tweets got people talking even more.


According to PW Insider, news had surfaced that GFW was given an initial refusal on four Broken Universe related trademarks by the US Patent and Trademark Office. That led to speculation that the Hardy's and the WWE are taking control of the situation and placing the ball back in GFW's court. Instead of suing GFW over the rights to "Broken", they'll use the term "Woken" and force Anthem and GFW to prove that there is some sort of copyright infringement happening. It seems both parties are under the impression GFW won't pursue the matter or simply don't care.

Things could get interesting over the next couple weeks. The WWE Universe will have a much better idea of where the heads of all parties involved are at. If Hardy continues to push this variation of the "Broken" gimmick and goes with a similar character, only slightly changing the names, it might only be a matter of time before he's full-blown "Woken" and/or his wife shows up on television.


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Could fans be seeing the start of a “Woken” Matt Hardy? The only way to know for sure is to tune into Raw each week and that's exactly the what the WWE wants. Some may argue this won't be the same and that it's too little, too late. Others are excited about the potential change.

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