5 Reasons Why Matt Is The Most Successful Hardy (& 5 Why It’s Jeff)

The success of the Hardy Boyz made them one of the all-time great tag teams in wrestling history. Jeff and Matt Hardy had dreams from a young age of making it in WWE as a duo. They found success in their early adult years as a fixture in the tag division during the Attitude Era. The Hardy Boyz helped revolutionize the tag division with Edge and Christian and the Dudley Boyz with their iconic TLC matches.

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Successful runs in Impact Wrestling and Ring of Honor in their later years made them a hot act once again. WWE would bring Jeff and Matt back in 2017 with an incredible return creating one of the biggest pops in WrestleMania history. The legacy of the Hardy Boyz remain strong as a team, but most fans prefer one brother over the other. We will look at the reasoning for each with five reasons for Matt and five reasons for Jeff as the more successful Hardy.

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10 Why Matt Is Better: Better Technical Wrestler

Matt and Jeff Hardy both delivered great matches in the ring, but Matt was clearly the better technical wrestler. The strength of Jeff came in the death-defying moves that left fans speechless. Matt did those as well, but his best matches came in the squared circle with minimal weapons.

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Some of the better matches came during his feuds with MVP, Drew McIntyre and Jack Swagger. Matt loved the bell to bell action as he was a more complete performer than Jeff. That isn’t a knock on Jeff’s in-ring skills as his style clearly worked as well.

9 Why Jeff Is Better: World Championship Reigns

One of the obvious things Jeff Hardy has over Matt was his successful run in the world title picture. Jeff won both the World Championship and WWE Championship during his peak run as a singles star in WWE. The first WWE Championship win over Triple H and Edge remains an all-time great WWE pop.

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Jeff had a tremendous stint during his short run as a main event player for WWE. Matt worked extremely hard and a few opportunities, but he never reached that level of success. WWE never viewed him as world title material which Jeff was able to accomplish multiple times.

8 Why Matt Is Better: V1 Character

The creative nature of Matt Hardy is one of his strong suits as a performer. Matt’s V1 gimmick in the early 2000s would surprisingly see him find more success as a singles star than Jeff Hardy when WWE split them up for the first time.

The new heel character of Matt would see a web page entrance of fun facts listed about him on the walk to the ring. Matt had a tremendous feud with Rey Mysterio over the Cruiserweight Championship to make the title relevant in WWE. It was one of the more underrated chapters of Matt’s career.

7 Why Jeff Is Better: More Memorable Moments

The highlight reel of Jeff Hardy is as impressive as you’ll find from one wrestler. WWE and Impact Wrestling would see Jeff leave it all in the ring with countless high spots providing a sense of danger for fans to watch in awe.

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Jeff jumping off ladders, cages, titan trons and other tall structures would become his calling card. Fans fell in love with the risk-taking Hardy and he certainly rewarded them with countless moments. Any wrestling fan from the Attitude Era to today has at least a couple of strong memories for Jeff.

6 Why Matt Is Better: Ability To Shine In Every Role

The versatility of Matt Hardy has made his career as a huge success on his own when not teaming with Jeff. Matt has had just about every role possible in wrestling from face to heel, main eventer to mid-carder, serious gimmick to comedic gimmick, and everything in between.

The ability to do a good job in any role asked of him makes Matt a deeper performer than Jeff. Outside of the main event run, Jeff sometimes struggle to stand out in the mid-card. Matt knew how to make the most of every role in a way his brother could not.

5 Why Jeff Is Better: Innovative Performer

The unique nature of Jeff Hardy made him a special performer that fans rallied behind. We discussed Matt having more success as a technical wrestler, but Jeff’s style was all over the place. The unpredictable aspect of a Jeff match made it must-see television for years.

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Fans gravitated towards Jeff for following his own path and sticking to his vision for better or worse. Moves like the Whisper in the Wind and the Swanton Bomb were not common in wrestling until Jeff made them popular.

4 Why Matt Is Better: Was More Reliable

The biggest knock on Jeff Hardy throughout his career was the unreliable element of working with him. Jeff’s personal demons led to missed shows, suspensions and even once performing under the influence in TNA as an all-time embarrassing moment.

Matt Hardy was always viewed as the more reliable Hardy brother. The serious commitment to wrestling made it Matt’s top desire in life. Matt did have some of his own personal demons in TNA, but it never impacted his performance in the ring. The reliable nature of a performer is always valuable.

3 Why Jeff Is Better: Successful Feuds With Legends

Jeff Hardy often stepped up to the level of his competition to create compelling feuds. The memorable ladder match with The Undertaker on Raw for the WWE Championship showed just how great Jeff could be. Hardy went toe to toe with a legend and showed he belonged.

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Another memorable feud with a fellow legend came when the summer of 2009 was dominated by Jeff and CM Punk battling it out for the World Championship. Both men delivered some of the best work of their career in that feud. Matt unfortunately never had such a legacy defining singles feud in WWE.

2 Why Matt Is Better: Broken Character

The Hardy Boyz had a career rebirth together towards the end of their TNA run thanks to the Broken characters. Matt took a huge risk playing this unique character during a feud against Jeff. It culminated in both brothers teaming together again creating the Broken Universe of their characters.

Matt was the mind behind this idea for both him and Jeff. The success made them arguably the hottest act in wrestling despite TNA struggling to get attention. WWE witnessed their value during this time and offered a contract to bring them back as they remain in the company today.

1 Why Jeff Is Better: Was Once The Most Popular Star In WWE

The claim of being the most popular star in WWE at any given time is a huge accomplishment for one’s career. WWE’s deep roster often has one or two elite stars receiving the mega-pops every night. Jeff Hardy reached that level in 2008 when winning his first WWE Championship.

John Cena was still the face of the company, but Hardy passed him for a short time. Jeff’s success came thanks to his rare connection with the fans. The fan base pushed him to the top with WWE making him a main event fixture until his contract expired and he left.

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