Matt And Reby Hardy Shoot On Jeff Jarrett, GFW

Matt Hardy, along with his wife Reby, have once again taken to Twitter to continue the war between themselves and GFW over the Broken gimmick.

It's starting to feel like one of the longest sagas in professional wrestling, the battle over the Broken Universe between Matt Hardy and his family and TNA, now known as Global Force Wrestling of course. Both parties have a seemingly legitimate claim to the famous gimmick that put the former TNA back on the wrestling map, and since Matt and his brother Jeff rejoined WWE in April this year the fight for the rights of Matt's "Broken Brilliance" has been very much made public.

The latest twist in the saga came last week when Hardy and his wife Reby took some fresh shots at GFW, focusing in on the company's Head of Creative Jeff Jarrett as well as the owners of Anthem, GFW's parent company. This fresh tirade has apparently come on the back of GFW turning down an offer from the Hardys' lawyers, with help from Billy Corgan, that involved them buying the rights to the gimmick from their former employers.

In similar fashion to before, Matt and Reby aired their grievances about their former employers via Twitter. Hardy, as always, had the cooler head of the two and explained to fans that the money for The Final Deletion cost $2500, all of which came out of his own pocket. When confronted with the fact that Vince McMahon never lets Superstars keep their WWE gimmicks, Matt retorted with the fact that WWE talent doesn't pay for their segments themselves.

The Hardys have hinted towards using their TNA gimmick in WWE by using certain words and gestures, but until this matter is settled, they will not be able to incorporate it entirely. WWE also made it clear recently that they have no interest in being a part of the litigation going on between the Hardys and GFW, which suggests that even if House Hardy were to win this battle the WWE may have no interest in using it on WWE television anyway.


The Twitter comments feel like more of the same in a way and nothing points towards this saga coming to an end anytime soon. As well as refusing the offer to sell the Broken Gimmick to Matt and Jeff, GFW's Executive Vice President also told Sports Illustrated recently that short of being taken to court, he has no interest in negotiating or even discussing the subject any further.

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