Matt Riddle Explains Why He's Been Mocking Goldberg

Matt Riddle was hardcore in his assessment of Goldberg both before and after the Hall of Famer's appearance at Super ShowDown. After hearing Goldberg suffered an injury at the event, Riddle explained his criticism.

Throughout the week and into Friday, Matt Riddle continued taking shots at Goldberg, specifically saying in one tweet he was looking forward to watching his "wrestling" match at Super ShowDown. It wasn't 100% clear as to why Riddle had been targeting Goldberg but many assumed it was because he'd been blocked by Goldberg based on some previous critical comments.

At Super ShowDown, Goldberg and The Undertaker met in the ring for a match that was about 9 minutes too long. Instead of treating the match like an attraction, WWE tried to get the two part-time, older wrestlers to wrestle an actual contest as if they were ten to twenty years younger than they really were. It didn't go well.

During the bout, Goldberg smacked his head, couldn't deliver finishers, looked extremely tired and the contest ended in a quick, seemingly unplanned finish. The Undertaker almost botched a Tombstone Piledriver and was visibly upset after the bout. Rumors were that there was a screaming match in the Gorilla position after the contest.

Goldberg took to social media afterward and apologized to fans he let down after he knocked himself out and tried to finish the match anyway.

That didn't stop Riddle from throwing shots. He was critical of Goldberg for bleeding before the match, mocked and attempted kneebar during the match and used social media to poke fun at the former champion. When asked why he was being so hard on Goldberg, he said:

"I love Pro Wrestling so much and that's why I get mad at certain people because they're unsafe, dangerous and a liability to everyone else, I've worked hard to get where I am and this is only the beginning! P.S. Undertaker is a stallion and is a true legend."

What This Means

Riddle is an up-and-coming talent that can do a number of the moves Undertaker and Goldberg couldn't do. He's not shy about expressing his opinion and there's probably also a hint of him trying to get over at the expense of a couple of other legends.

Riddle did call Undertaker a legend meaning there's likely some bitterness in respect to Goldberg. Some fans will see there's an agenda here and others will agree with Riddle and say it's time for Goldberg and The Undertaker to hang it up.

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