Mauro Ranallo Returning To Announce For NXT

In news that is sure to make everyone - except JBL - happy, the WWE is reporting that commentator and broadcaster Mauro Ranallo is not, in fact, leaving the WWE as was widely rumored, and is instead coming back to the WWE, this time in a role with NXT as a commentator. 

Former SmackDown LIVE play-by-play man Mauro Ranallo was part of a very mainstream issue that was not a good look for the WWE when it was revealed he'd taken leave from the company due to stress related issues. Many speculated those issues stemmed from backstage bullying, much of which originated from JBL and mostly over jealousy that Ranallo had received much fanfare for the work he was doing on SmackDown Live.

“THE NXT CHAPTER BEGINS!” Ranallo wrote in an Instagram post, in which he also said that he is thrilled to join the NXT announce team. This is a much-needed boost for the NXT brand which has suffered as of late having lost Corey Graves to more prominent roles within the company.  Ranallo offers expertise, credibility, and knowledge of a product that misses that sort of match-calling. The NXT audience will be sure to love the addition as well considering they are proud of their "underground" reputation and Ranallo is seen as very much a more "underground" kind of guy.

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Triple H also confirmed the news on Twitter suggesting the NXT brand and Ranallo would be a perfect fit.

.@mauroranallo and @WWENXT...#LikeAGlove#MegaPowers#WeAreNXT https://t.co/B8vBxKLzdc

— Triple H (@TripleH) June 22, 2017

Outside of Jim Ross, Ranallo is the most respected man in the commentary game when it comes to wrestling or mixed martial arts. Over 30 years, he has announced thousands of MMA, boxing and sports-entertainment matches. It's great timing for the WWE as well as Ranallo will be front a center this August when he calls the blockbuster boxing match between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and MMA icon Conor McGregor.

Overall, it is simply good to see Ranallo back in the WWE. He looked to have been leaving on less than ideal terms and it wasn't the way either he or the WWE would have liked to end their relationship.

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