Mauro Ranallo Owes His Life To UFC Fighter

WWE commentator Mauro Ranallo went on Twitter to announce that he had nearly choked to death on salmon. However, former UFC star and MMA champion Frank Shamrock was able to save his life.

Ranallo shared the incident details on Twitter:

Thankfully, Ranallo survived and will present his ever-popular voice even longer.

The last year has been extremely tough for Ranallo. He had to step away for long periods last year to deal with depression. During his absence, it was reported that fellow SmackDown announer John Bradshaw Layfield was also bullying Ranallo. In April of 2017, Ranallo departed from the WWE, but was brought back to announce for the NXT brand a couple of months later.

Then in December, Ranallo shared more devastating news regarding is personal life:

You feel for Ranallo, an excellent human being who's conquered plenty of adversity as he continues to provide commentary for our entertainment. But thankfully, Shamrock was able to save his life and give him a nice break for once.


Ranallo - a native of Abbotsford, B.C. - has quickly moved up the ranks as one of the top commentators in sports entertainment. He got to call the Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor match - andĀ received plenty of positive reviews for his performance during one of the biggest sporting events in recent memory.

Besides the WWE, Ranallo has also worked in New Japan Pro Wrestling, plus MMA, boxing and kickboxing promotions. He first joined the WWE in Dec. 2015, becoming the lead commentator for the brand.

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Ranallo keptĀ the role until he stepped away in March of last year - leaving just before WrestleMania 33. It was later reported that Ranallo was brought back after Triple H worked extensively to have "The Voice of SmackDown" return.

Ranallo is one of the more popular sports entertainment announcers out there. For his sake, let's hope that 2018 brings him more fortunes and happiness.

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