Mauro Ranallo Credits Triple H For Bringing Him Back To WWE

No one expected to see Mauro Ranallo back in WWE after the way he departed, but he admitted one man brought him back.

NXT announcer Mauro Ranallo admits that the only reason he's still working for WWE right now is that Triple H is his boss.

Earlier this year, WWE was at the center of a controversy involving former SmackDown Live lead announcer, Mauro Ranallo.Ranallo disappeared from WWE's programming rather suddenly a few weeks before WrestleMania 33. At first, WWE attributed it to travel issues, then illness, then it came out that Ranallo was suffering from depression. It also came to light that allegedly working alongside John Bradshaw Layfield did not help matters.

Ranallo's continued absence angered fans to the point that much of the WWE Universe were calling for JBL to be fired from WWE. That didn't happen, but the former WWE Champion has since stepped down from his commentary position for other reasons. Ranallo also left WWE and a little after a month of him being away from television, it was announced that he and WWE had parted ways. At the time, Ranallo said it had nothing to do with JBL.


A couple of months later, Ranallo returned to WWE television, but in a different role. Tom Phillips filled Ranallo's role on SmackDown Live and instead, the returning announcer took back his chair in NXT. Even though Ranallo said that JBL had nothing to do with his previous departure from the company, NXT is the one place that you can rest assured you won't run into Layfield. Ranallo also admitted that he isn't a fan of how Vince McMahon conducts business, another man he won't have to deal with often if he remains in NXT.

The one man that Mauro does have to answer to in his current role is Triple H. The Game runs NXT and it's probably safe to assume that he is the one responsible for bringing Ranallo back into the WWE fold. In fact, Ranallo confirmed that on Twitter over the weekend. The announcer was asked by a fan what Triple H is like as a boss and Ranallo simply replied: "He’s the reason I am still with the company."

It's highly likely that we might never know the full story as to what happened during Mauro Ranallo's stay on the main roster. What's clear from his ongoing experience as an employee of WWE though is that working for Triple H is a lot more preferable for some than working for Vince McMahon. One day The Game will be the man in charge of everything in WWE, and there are likely a fair few people inside and outside the company that are looking forward to that time.


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Mauro Ranallo Credits Triple H For Bringing Him Back To WWE