Members Of The Bullet Club: Where Are They Now?

The Bullet Club is arguably the most relevant faction in sports and entertainment since the days of the New World Order and D-Generation X. New Japan decided to make them a force in the promotion as a group of "All-Gaijin" talents uniting in their attempt to take over. Gaijin are foreigners from outside of Japan and it became a huge concept there. Prince Devitt, Karl Anderson, Tama Tonga and Bad Luck Fale were the original members to start the faction. Devitt and Anderson ascended into top roles with the others becoming relevant as well. This led to the stable growing.

Wrestlers from the United States grew in popularity causing NJPW to bring more in. The group became the hottest thing in Japan and made its way over to the United States. Bullet Club t-shirts have been the most popular merchandise item at independent wrestling shows over the past few years. While the Bullet Club has never officially been a part of the WWE, a few wrestlers from the group have come over and the WWE has referenced the relevance of the stable, calling them 'The Club'. The variety of talent has created an array of names to enter the faction at some point. We’ll look at all of the noteworthy names and find out what the members of the Bullet Club are doing today.

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20 Kenny Omega

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Let us start off with a bang. The past unofficial leaders of the Bullet Club have been top tier talents. Prince Devitt and A.J. Styles both reached new career highs leading the group and went on to do even bigger things. The pressure in following them has not harmed Kenny Omega. New Japan put all of their faith in him and he has ran with the ball ever since. Omega has arguably been the best overall performer in NJPW this year as the new leader.

New Japan has allowed Omega to make history on multiple occasions. Omega squared off with Michael Elgin in the first ever Ladder Match in company history. That performance along with many others this year caused Omega to be the first ever Gaijin to win the G1-Climax tournament and earn an IWGP Heavyweight Title shot at Wrestle Kingdom, which is New Japan’s version of WrestleMania. Omega will make history once again when he main events the huge show.

19 Cody Hall

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The influence of Scott Hall is obvious in the Bullet Club. Many view the group as a new version of the New World Order in many respects. The idea of outsiders coming in to take over the company with an aura of coolness dawning black colors is very similar to the nWo. Hall has always been supportive of the young wrestlers in the Bullet Club by giving them his blessing. They repaid him by allowing his son Cody Hall to enter the group in a smaller role.

Cody is trying to find his way in the professional wrestling world like his father. One of the cool things about Scott getting his life together following years of abuse and addiction with drugs and alcohol is being able to help his son live out his dream. Cody has been an enforcer of the Bullet Club, basically serving as a violent manager with infrequent matches. Unfortunately, Cody suffered a serious injury in early 2016. The second generation star has yet to return and we’re not sure when he will wrestle again, leaving his career in doubt.

18 El Terrible

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The name El Terrible doesn’t strike fear into anyone, but the performer using that moniker is an accomplished talent in the wrestling world. El Terrible performs in Mexico’s top promotion CMLL with fourteen years of his experience under his belt. His talent was impressive enough to land him opportunities in other promotions all over the world. New Japan is the most noteworthy of those names and it landed him some relevant moments.

El Terrible joined the Bullet Club for a short tour, working side by side with Toma Tonga. This wasn’t the only time he had the Bullet Club ties, as a sub-group was formed in CMLL in 2014. El Terrible, Tonga and Rey Bucanero formed the "Bullet Club Latinoamerica" in Mexico. A smaller subsection of the faction existed similar to how the New World Order expanded in Japan during the 90s. El Terrible still wrestles frequently in Mexico as a staple in CMLL.

17 Tama Tonga

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Tama Tonga is one of the original members of the Bullet Club and has been along for the ride through all the stages. Unlike many of his peers, Tonga remained loyal to New Japan throughout the years, never leaving the company or faction. Tonga is synonymous with the Bullet Club and has contributed as much as anyone else to the group over the years. The work of Tonga has been primarily in the mid-card tier of the promotion.

The adoptive brother of Tonga coming over to the company helped added a new place on the roster for him. Tanga Roa and Tama Tonga have teamed together as the "Guerrillas of Destiny." They have connected big time in Japan, as the Guerrillas of Destiny are the current IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champions having their second reign with the titles. Tonga has started to get more bookings in Ring of Honor, bringing the tag team action over to the United States, helping to add onto his name value.

16 Tanga Roa

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The Bullet Club saved the career of Tanga Roa when Tama Tonga brought him to New Japan to join the faction. Roa had a long stint in the WWE system hoping to work his way up to a relevant position on television. Under the name of Camacho, Roa made his debut on the main roster as a partner of Hunico. They failed to make an impact and the WWE realized they no longer needed Camacho. Hunico started portraying Sin Cara leaving Camacho without a job.

Roa getting the chance to come to New Japan resurrected his career and gave him a new place in the wrestling industry. The tag team of Roa and Tonga as the Guerrillas of Destiny appears to be a fixture in New Japan that will go on for many more years. Their chemistry is tremendous and they definitely belong together in the ring.

15 Haku

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The most bizarre name to join the Bullet Club has to be retired wrestling legend Haku. With a long career in both WWE and WCW, Haku created plenty of memories on and off-screen. Arguably more impressive than his in-ring skill, Haku is regarded as one of the toughest men in the history of pro wrestling. No one wanted to test him when it came to bar fights or physical drama of any kind in real-life.

Haku is the father of the aforementioned NJPW stars Tama Tonga and Tanga Roa. Wrestle Kingdom 10 featured Haku making a shocking appearance in the pre-show battle royal. Fans enjoyed the nostalgia and comedy of the random return. Haku temporarily joined the Bullet Club for the battle royal and a ten-man tag match on the following night. This was all for fun and for the purpose of creating a moment alongside his kids. Haku is still semi-retired and makes rare appearances if the situation is right.

14 Mephisto

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Mephisto is a veteran of the wrestling world in Mexico at the age of 47 right now. The career of Mephisto saw him wrestle for various Mexican promotions with the majority of his success coming in CMLL. Mephisto has held the CMLL World Welterweight Championship twice and had two CMLL World Tag Team Championship reigns with tag team partner Averno. A tour in Japan for the Fantastica Mania shows saw one of the more noteworthy moments in his career.

The Bullet Club allowed Mephisto to join the group during the tour. Mephisto represented the Bullet Club while defending the Mexican National Light Heavyweight Championship. In a surprising error by New Japan’s booking, Mephisto’s Bullet Club ties would never be acknowledged again. Mephisto returned to NJPW a year later for the next Fantastica Mania tour, but there was no reference to him having any connection to the group. He still wrestles for CMLL and is the current World Welterweight Championship.

13 Amber Gallows

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The one woman to officially join the Bullet Club is Amber Gallows. As a veteran of the women’s wrestling landscape, Amber has wrestled for various independent wrestling promotions. A real life marriage to Luke Gallows earned her a spot in her husband’s faction. Amber started appearing in New Japan as the valet for Gallows and Karl Anderson. A storyline between Gallows and Anderson against Mike Bennett and Matt Taven saw their managers get involved as well.

Amber and Maria Kanellis made history by being the first women to appear in a New Japan wrestling match for the first time in over thirteen years. Mrs. Gallows started to be known as “The Bullet Babe” and represented the Bullet Club on many shows in the independent wrestling scene. Amber still wrestles on the independent circuit with a recent appearance in ROH’s Women of Honor division.

12 Adam Page

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A recent addition to the Bullet Club saw Ring of Honor standout Adam Page join the group during one of the joint ROH/New Japan shows. Page turned on Colt Cabana, Jay Lethal, Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley to align with the Bullet Club team in a main event match.

The choice of Page to join Bullet Club seemed odd at the time, but it has worked out for the best. Page upped his game in ROH to become one of the more noteworthy upper mid-carders in the company. New Japan also has used him more for depth purposes in the group with various changes to the roster in recent years. Page continues to work for both promotions with a bright future ahead of him if he can keep the improvements going.

11 Jeff Jarrett

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Criticism hit the New Japan promotion when they made the big decision of having Jeff Jarrett join the Bullet Club. The group was still firing on all cylinders and Jarrett made a shocking appearance hitting Hiroshi Tanahashi with a guitar to help A.J. Styles. Jarrett joined New Japan to help promote their Wrestle Kingdom 9 PPV in the United States under his Global Force Wrestling banner. The PPV did good numbers in the United States with Jim Ross commentating, but it sadly led to Jarrett wrestling.

As a member of the Bullet Club, Jarrett teamed with Yujiro Takahashi and Bad Luck Fale suffering a defeat to the hands of Hiroyoshi Tenzan, Satoshi Kojima, and Tomoaki Honma. That was the peak of Jarrett’s run trying to get Global Force off the ground. GFW has failed horribly with poor attendance at their few shows. Jarrett has not run a GFC show in quite some time and it appears to be a forgotten wrestling flop.

10 Bone Soldier

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"Captain New Japan" is one of the more amusing characters in the overseas promotion. The character was basically a Japanese version of "Captain America" and created humorous moments to entertain the fans for many years. The arch rival of the wrestler was Bullet Club leader Prince Devitt. Many NJPW shows saw Devitt quite frankly bully him and it became a running bit. That made it more unbelievable when Captain New Japan recently joined the Bullet Club in 2016.

The moment saw him turn on Yoshitatsu to align with Bullet Club and changed his name to Bone Solider. Still wrestling under a mask, Bone Soldier changed his bright colors to the group’s black and white. This is where many have drawn the line in believing the Bullet Club has jumped the shark. Bone Solider is basically just another depth piece to add to the large group. New Japan continues to employ him as a loyal member of the roster.

9 Chase Owens

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The talented Chase Owens has wrestled on the Southern independent wrestling scene for many years. Owens stood out at his local independent promotions, but things didn’t progress for his career in a big way until he joined New Japan. His work took place in the junior division. Failing to gain momentum, Owens scored the biggest break of his career when he joined the Bullet Club in 2015.

Kenny Omega and Owens teamed together in the 2015 "Super Jr. Tag Team Tournament," but lost to the team of Trent Barreta and Rocky Romero. The career of Owens finally gained steam with his role in the Bullet Club despite the loss. Omega moving up into the heavyweight singles division made Owens the top junior singles star in the group. Owens continues to improve and is arguably the most underrated wrestler still in the Bullet Club.

8 Yujiro Takahashi

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The Bullet Club’s original premise was meant to be about the non-Japanese stars forming a faction. They feuded with all of the Japanese talent and did their best to gain heat from the Japanese fans. One Japan-born wrestler to make the big leap joining the faction is Yujiro Takahashi. Takahashi's career wasn't going anywhere until he turned heel and joined the Bullet Club. Takahashi started to show more personality and gained respect as a legitimate heel.

It has been a perfect fit for Takahashi becoming a relevant member of the group. The variety of Takahashi’s work can have him fill any spot needed on the card. He recently held the newly created "NEVER Openweight 6 Man Tag Team Championship" along with fellow Bullet Club members Bad Luck Fale and Tama Tonga. New Japan will likely continue to employ Takahashi for many more years to come and keep him as a member of Bullet Club until the group ends.

7 Adam Cole

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A very exciting addition to the Bullet Club in 2016 was Adam Cole The top Ring of Honor star had one past appearance in New Japan before joining the group. From the get go, the talent always appeared to be a great fit. Cole’s personality and heel character work stands out in a way most wrestlers can only dream of. His association with The Young Bucks made it a perfect tie-in to join the group.

ROH aligned them to become the most powerful faction in the company and they were already a big deal in New Japan. Cole recently won the ROH World Championship. He is now the unofficial leader of the ROH sect of the Bullet Club and an important player in New Japan. His recent matches in New Japan as the new top member of the group shows the company has high hopes for him as well. Cole is still young with the potential to get even better, as he’s currently the top star for both ROH and NJPW.

6 Bad Luck Fale

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As an original member of the Bullet Club, Bad Luck Fale might be the most under-appreciated member of the group. Fale was a former rugby player before making a new home in professional wrestling. New Japan signed him and he found his big break by being paired with Prince Devitt. A newly heel Devitt, was originally supposed to work with Fale as his enforcer bodyguard similar to Shawn Michaels and Diesel. Karl Anderson and Toma Tonga joined the mix to create the Bullet Club.

Fale has remained in the group through the years and stepped up to fit in. His in-ring work will never be on the level of A.J. Styles or Kenny Omega, but he can keep up well enough to create good matches with his opponent. Fale’s presence still provides strength to the Bullet Club and you’d be hard pressed to imagine him leaving unless the WWE decides to offer him a big contract.

5 Luke Gallows

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Following many years of wrestling all over the United States, Luke Gallows found his career thriving in New Japan. Before that, WWE pushed him as the character of Festus, although getting over seemed like an impossible task with such a persona. TNA also tried their luck with him, but put him in the dead end Aces and Eights faction. Gallows left one of the worst factions in wrestling history to join the most popular one. New Japan hired him to become the tag team partner of Bullet Club staple Karl Anderson.

The tag team of Anderson and Gallows achieved great success together. New Japan made them a dominant duo in the heavyweight tag division. WWE took note of their popularity and signed both performers this year. Anderson and Gallows are currently teaming on the Raw brand. While they have not been used to the best of their abilities, they are clearly respected members of the roster. Gallows has found success in the company he originally saw his biggest failure in. That has to be appreciated.

4 Karl Anderson

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Luke Gallows' tag team partner makes the list as Karl Anderson is synonymous with the Bullet Club. Anderson struggled to get bookings early in his career on the West Coast independent wrestling circuit. New Japan saw something special in him and they completely changed his career by bringing him over. Anderson became one of the most popular Gaijin talents at the time due to consistently great performances every time he had a big match.

The most important members in the early stages of the Bullet Club were Anderson and Prince Devitt. They added instant credibility and built the group up into a hot faction fans wanted to keep up with. Anderson is one of the most versatile workers in the world. WWE took note and signed him with Gallows to bring their popular tag team over to the United States. Anderson achieved his dream by finally being able to make a great living wrestling in his home country after an outstanding career overseas in Japan.

3 The Young Bucks

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Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson have made tag team wrestling cool again in recent years. That never would have happened if they didn’t join the Bullet Club. Following a terrible stint in TNA, The Young Bucks had extra motivation to prove how talented they truly were. ROH booked them sporadically but New Japan bringing them in to join the Bullet Club is what took them to the next level.

The Young Bucks delivered outstanding matches and added a new arrogant attitude to their promos that made them the most entertaining tag team in the world. Matt and Nick became hot commodities with every independent promotion in the United States wanting to bring them in following their Bullet Club success. They currently hold the ROH, PWG and New Japan Tag Team Titles, arguably the three most popular promotions outside of the WWE right now. Everyone loves The Young Bucks as they continue to dominate the tag team genre of wrestling and make a great living outside of the WWE today, something only a select few can say they do.

2 Finn Balor

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The original leader of the Bullet Club is the main reason the group achieved the momentum to grow into what it became. Prince Devitt turned heel to completely reform his character from a beloved face into a hated villain. Karl Anderson, Tama Tonga and Bad Luck Fale joined Devitt to start the group. Fans took to it instantly, but it never would have worked if a star as big as Devitt didn’t agree to join in the early stages.

New Japan started to see a global reach from fans across the world wanting to check out their product. Devitt could be argued as the most valuable performer to help NJPW’s new boom period begin. It was a bittersweet decision for him to leave the company he loved for many years to join the WWE.

The move worked out for the best. With the new name of Finn Balor, he became a huge star for the company. Balor led NXT to their peak and debuted on the main roster to be the first ever WWE Universal Champion. Sadly, he’s currently on the injured list but will be back with a top spot when he returns.

1 A.J. Styles

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A.J. Styles joining the Bullet Club completely changed his career in ways no one could have expected. TNA refused to offer him the contract he desired after many years of being the face of the company. Styles took a huge risk and decided to bet on himself by leaving the company. New Japan signed him to join the Bullet Club on his first night in the company. Styles replaced Prince Devitt as the new leader of the group and won the IWGP Heavyweight Championship in his first match.

The Bullet Club continued to thrive and accomplished new highs with Styles. Fans started to remember just how incredible Styles could be when a promotion allowed him to wrestle without restrictions. The rise of Styles in New Japan put him on the WWE's radar. Most believed it was too late and we would never get to see him in the big company. We were all happily wrong and the WWE signed him this year to change the roster up. Styles has been incredible since making his debut and is now the top guy on SmackDown Live as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

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