Members of The Million Dollar Corporation: Where Are They Now?

The Million Dollar Corporation was an outstanding heel faction that never truly hit its full potential. Ted DiBiase retired after being forced out of the ring with a severe back injury. WWE hired him back with the hopes of his heel personality getting over new talents in need of a new purpose and opportunity. DiBiase formed The Million Dollar Corporation continuing his character as a wealthy, arrogant villain. The fan base at the time associated him with being the top heel working against the likes of Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage. That allowed the faction to get treated with boos on a weekly basis.

The group started in 1994 with DiBiase managing Nikolai Volkoff and Bam Bam Bigelow. It evolved in a year with quite a few wrestlers joining the group. All of the wrestlers needed something to change their career. DiBiase did his best and worked well as a lead heel personality. Fans despised the group, but the booking never allowed them to truly thrive. The wrestlers were all placed in silly angles and made to look like jokes. It all turned into a big disappointment underachieving from what could have been. Let’s take a look at what every member of the Million Dollar Corporation are doing today.

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12 Tatanka

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Kids from the early 90s all have fond memories of Tatanka. The Native American hero played a face for the majority of his career. Fans enjoyed him well enough, but it was clear he’d never be a huge star that could draw noteworthy money for the WWE. They pulled off a great heel turn shocking the world when Tatanka attacked Lex Luger to join The Million Dollar Corporation.

Despite it being odd to view him as a heel at first, Tatanka acclimated well to the new role in the group. The WWE career of Tatanka could never fulfill the potential hoped for with his initial push, but he is still remembered fondly. Tatanka still wrestles occasionally today on the independent circuit and is signed under a WWE Legend’s Contract for merchandise with the company, even making an appearance at WrestleMania 32 in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. Outside of the ring, he is a family man with a wife and four children at home.

11 Fake Undertaker

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The hokey style of storytelling in the WWE during the mid-90s gave us some of the silliest moments in wrestling history. One of these storylines featured The Undertaker going missing after getting attacked by the entire heel roster. Ted DiBiase claimed he found The Undertaker and brought him back into the company as a member of The Million Dollar Corporation.

Naturally, it was revealed DiBiase was lying all along and this was an imposter. Brian Lee played the fake Undertaker and lost a horrible main event match to the real Undertaker in his return at SummerSlam 1994. The match was so bad that Lee would leave the WWE for a few years despite the original plans being for the fake Undertaker to continue working. Lee wrestled for many more years in ECW, WWE again and TNA. He has since left the wrestling industry and is now living off the grid.

10 Xanta Klaus

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Another cheesy storyline in the WWE that involved The Million Dollar Corporation was the character of Xanta Klaus joining the faction. Fans were happy to see someone in a Santa Claus costume show up and hand out gifts at In Your House: Season Beatings. The holiday spirit would be short-lived when the Santa attacked beloved face Savio Vega and joined Ted DiBiase.

It was revealed that he was Xanta Klaus and DiBiase claimed everyone had a price. The evil Santa would wrestle a few matches as a member of The Million Dollar Corporation. Not many fans were aware, but this bad Santa would eventually become a huge star for ECW as Balls Mahoney. He went on to have a great deal of success as a hardcore legend. Mahoney sadly passed away in early 2016 after suffering a heart attack.

9 King Kong Bundy

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King Kong Bundy was one of the top heels for the WWE in the 1980s. His large stature and believable evil persona made him stand out as a monster villain. Bundy made it all the way to the main event of WrestleMania II against Hulk Hogan doing the job in the WWE Championship match. After years away, Bundy returned to the WWE in 1994 as a member of The Million Dollar Corporation.

The magic could not be recaptured. Bundy was no longer an attraction heel and basically was relegated to another guy on the roster. The big man typically put over the new stars as the WWE no longer viewed him as a star. Bundy was one of the weaker members of The Million Dollar Corporation despite his strong physical stature. Today, Bundy is far outside of the wrestling business aside from joining a class action lawsuit against the WWE claiming the company concealed health information and didn’t provide care for them.

8 Sycho Sid

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There’s no debating Sycho Sid was one of the bigger stars to enter The Million Dollar Corporation faction. Sid went back and forth between WWE and WCW during the 90s with both companies valuing his services. One of his WWE returns saw him serve as the bodyguard for Shawn Michaels before turning on him and joining The Million Dollar Corporation.

Sid served as the muscle of the group and often led the beat downs for the rest of the group to join in. His eventual departure from The Million Dollar Corporation ultimately benefited Sid, as he moved on to win the WWE World Championship. Sid had a largely successful career but has been outside of the business for a few years now. Along with spending the majority of time with his family, Sid plays his favorite pastime of softball.

7 Kama

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Kama's WWE career saw him play a multitude of characters throughout his career in the WWE. Papa Shango was the most outlandish one that clearly had a short shelf life. The company then transitioned him into the more serious Kama persona. Many credit Kama as being the first introduction of the mixed martial arts fighting style coming to the pro wrestling world.

Kama joined The Million Dollar Corporation and feuded with The Undertaker. At one point, he melted the prized urn of Undertaker and turned it into a chain necklace. Much like Papa Shango, his MMA fighter gimmick as Kama faded away quickly. He moved into The Nation of Domination and eventually found success with the pimp gimmick as The Godfather. WWE inducted him into the Hall of Fame this year and he spends his days running a strip club in Las Vegas nowadays.

6 Bam Bam Bigelow

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Bam Bam Bigelow was arguably the most valuable member of The Million Dollar Corporation. The talented big man lacked a credible role in the WWE, but found it when joining Ted DiBiase’s crew. Bigelow was one of the most intimidating men on the roster. A perfect fit saw him impose his strength upon the enemies of the faction.

The high point for Bigelow came when he entered a feud with NFL legend Lawrence Taylor. Bigelow main evented WrestleMania XI putting over the football star. Unfortunately, the high profile match was the peak of his career. Bigelow had great matches in ECW and WCW, but he could never return to a noteworthy role. A sad moment for all wrestling fans occurred in 2007 when Bigelow was found dead in his home due to a drug overdose.

5 Nikolai Volkoff

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Nikolai Volkoff first worked for the WWE after being hired by Vince McMahon Sr. in 1970. The next generation McMahon continued the tradition by bringing Volkoff in when Vincent Kennedy McMahon signed him on multiple occasions. Volkoff’s final stint with the company came in the 90s as a veteran forced to join The Million Dollar Corporation.

The storyline saw Volkoff lose all of his money and have to join the group to get the much needed paychecks from Ted DiBiase. Volkoff was used as a face being berated by the heels to get more heat on The Million Dollar Corporation. After his time in the group ended, Volkoff unofficially retired from the business.

His post-wrestling career has seen him actually enter the world of politics as he entered the 2006 Maryland Republican Primary for State Delegate in District 7. Today, Volkoff lives on a farm and raises hundreds of cats.

4 I.R.S.

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The right hand man to Ted DiBiase for many years was I.R.S. aka Mike Rotunda. As the heel I.R.S. character, he perfectly fit in with the wealthy DiBiase as the power hungry unit known as Money Inc. in the early 90s. Following DiBiase’s retirement and the forming of The Million Dollar Corporation, I.R.S. eventually joined the faction to reunite with his former partner.

I.R.S. was a fixture in the faction. When it ended, he went to WCW and spent the final five years of glory as a pro wrestler on national television. Rotunda retired from the in-ring aspect of the business, but is currently employed by WWE as a road agent, leading to a random appearance here and there on television as I.R.S. for comedic segments. Most importantly, he gets to work with his sons Bo Dallas and Bray Wyatt as they progress in their wrestling careers.

3 1-2-3 Kid

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Sean Waltman was one of the most underrated performers in the business during the 90s. Many of today’s stars name him as one of their influences. His first stint in the WWE saw him work as the heroic underdog 1-2-3 Kid. Most of his years were spent working as a face until the company decided to make him a whiny heel. The new heel 1-2-3 Kid eventually partnered with The Million Dollar Corporation.

The potential of his heel character would never come to fruition due to bad booking. 1-2-3 Kid lost his feud to Scott Hall in a Crybaby Match. Yes, Waltman was forced into wearing a diaper and had baby powder thrown on him following the match. Luckily, it didn’t sink his career as went on to achieve much more success as Syxx and X-Pac in the following years. Waltman still wrestles on the independent circuit, appears on the occasional WWE show and is trying his luck in the podcasting world.

2 Ted DiBiase

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Ted DiBiase was always the leader of The Million Dollar Corporation. His inability to wrestle due to injury is ultimately what stopped the faction from being a huge success. No one stepped up to be the main event level performer needed from such a faction and those good enough were not given the opportunity. Following The Million Dollar Corporation ending in disappointment, DiBiase made the jump to WCW.

It appeared he was finally going to get to serve as the heel personality speaking on behalf of a credible heel faction. DiBiase was named the fourth member of the New World Order and the benefactor until Eric Bischoff basically took his spot as the mouthpiece of the faction. Sadly, DiBiase's managing career never took off. DiBiase still makes random appearances as a member of the WWE family and is actually an ordained minister outside of the squared circle.

1 The Ringmaster

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The final man to join The Million Dollar Corporation became the biggest star in wrestling history in spite of it. All of the members of the faction left the company, turned face or were injured. Ted DiBiase was without someone to manage again. WWE signed free agent Steve Austin and decided pairing him with DiBiase as The Ringmaster was the right way to introduce him.

Despite two legends being put together, they had no chemistry. Austin did not connect as The Ringmaster and it just held him back from showing his true personality. DiBiase leaving for WCW allowed Austin to break free and introduce the Stone Cold character. The rest is history with him taking over the wrestling industry and leading the WWE to new heights. Today, Austin is a retired wrestling icon with gigs hosting his own podcasts and a couple of reality shows.

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