Members Of The nWo Wolfpac: Where Are They Now?

The nWo Wolfpac will go down in wrestling history as one of the most recognisable and iconic groups that the industry has ever seen. Coming at the height of the Monday Night Wars, the red and white ba

The nWo Wolfpac will go down in wrestling history as one of the most recognisable and iconic groups that the industry has ever seen. Coming at the height of the Monday Night Wars, the red and white battled black and white in order for WCW supremacy, with wrestling greats battling it out on both sides. Wolfpac were the first face versions of the nWo and were a huge success in terms of fan popularity and in-ring, with already established stars helping to really build the faction.

Kevin Nash and Scott Hall both made the transition to face as part of the Wolfpac, while the iconic Sting quickly became recognised as the real star of WCW. Add to that Paul Wight and Curt Hennig and the Wolfpac were one of the best versions of the nWo (and there were an awful lot over the years). And that is without taking into consideration the fact Wolfpac had one of the best themes in the history of the industry. Seriously, listen back to both that and the nWo theme and nothing since has come anywhere near them. The lyrics, the tune, nothing will ever come close.

But what has actually happened to the Wolfpac members? While some have gone on to achieve glory in other companies (Wight has gone on to be the monster everyone knew he would be), others have seen their career take very different turns away from the ring. Prepare to be amazed as TheSportster takes a look at how modern life has turned out for the Wolfpac.

13 Buff Bagwell


He's Buff, he's the stuff and the girls just couldn't get enough. At least that's what Buff Daddy's theme claimed. Bagwell promised so much during his time with WCW and was a genuine draw during the latter years of the company. But despite being given original hope after Vince McMahon bought the company, it all went horribly wrong after his first match.

He was quickly released from his contract amid claims that he had lied about injuries, putting another huge dent in the lack of star power that invaded WWE. Bagwell moved onto TNA and worked the circuit, including stints in World Wrestling Alliance with many of the wrestlers in this list.

Bagwell still wrestles today, despite a serious car accident back in 2012. That's not all he does, however, profiting from his still incredible physique as an escort, which is little surprise considering his WCW days. Buff is also currently in a legal battle with WWE over royalties.

12 Curt Hennig


Curt 'Mr Perfect' Hennig is one of the most gifted wrestlers ever to grace both WWE and WCW. Leaving WCW at the turn of the Millennium, Hennig returned to WWE, but couldn't achieve the glory that he really deserved.

Both on the mic and in the ring, Hennig was a true great and the fact he never recorded a World Championship is quite remarkable. His 2002 switch came too late, even if he did come in the top three of that year's Royal Rumble. He left the company after a short stint falling a well documented altercation with Brock Lesnar on the 'Plane Ride From Hell' and proceeded to move over to the then growing, TNA.

But that move, and the career of Perfect, was ended far too quickly when he sadly passed away in February 2003. Hennig has left a legacy in wrestling, with his son 'Curtis Axel' still on the main roster of WWE. He is also a Hall of Fame member.

11 Eric Bischoff


The absolute reason behind the rise in 1990s popularity of wrestling is Mr Eric Bischoff. The brains behind the creation of the nWo, Bischoff progressed from announcer into the most important man in wrestling for a short time and he nearly won the Monday Night Wars.

But even after the end of WCW, Bischoff stayed very, very relevant. McMahon brought his old foe into WWE for another legendary run and he went on to write a best-selling autobiography during his time as General Manager of Raw.

Since his WWE days, Bischoff has played roles in TNA (the less said about that time, the better) and been responsible for television and games production. Bischoff-Hervey Entertainment has produced a range of reality shows and games, including 'Hulk Hogan's Hulkamania' Tour in Australia...

10 Hulk Hogan


Hulkamania ran wild for most of the 90s, but his Wolfpac time didn't have the same sort of effect. A heel Hogan was incredible during the mid 90s, as the Hollywood persona showed another side to the most famous wrestler of all time.

But even though his time in the Wolfpac didn't produce great memories, the Hogan brand has grown considerably. Reality shows such as Hogan Knows Best opened the Hogan family to a wider audience, while he has been in and out of the WWE on a pretty regular basis.

Today however, he isn't too welcome at WWE HQ after racism claims were made against him, with McMahon wiping all mention of Hogan in his company. It's not all doom and gloom though. Beach front restaurants, energy drinks, and TV  appearances have made sure The Hulkster is known to the modern wrestling audience.

9 Kevin Nash


'Big Sexy' has certainly not been interested in living down that nickname since his days in the Wolfpac. Nash is not only a wrestling legend, he is now particularly popular with a female audience after his appearances in the Magic Mike film series.

But there's more to Nash than flaunting his... persona on the big screen. Semi-regular appearances in WWE have seen Nash pop up now and again, though not always in the best interest of fans. His feud with CM Punk was seen to slow down the huge push Punk was getting, many viewing his return as purely to restore Nash rather than elevate Punk.

Nash was caught up in legal trouble back in 2014, but that has done little to stop his star power. His return as part of the nWo at WrestleMania 31 was something the millions watching will never forget.

8 Konnan


Over 19 years since his Wolfpac stint, Konnan is still someone you would not want to mess with, perhaps more so now. His time after the Wolfpac and WCW days saw Konnan work the circuit, appearing with TNA for many years as a part of Latin American Xchange.

Konnan has continued to star independently, particularly in South America where he has been an integral part of the AAA. Now, he hosts a podcast on the Chris Jericho Network, alongside the legendary Disco Inferno. With AAA, Konnan has previously had creative positions, though it is believed he now works in a more consultant role. No matter the job title he holds though, Konnan is widely regarded as one of the most memorable WCW stars and has done huge amounts since leaving the company.

7 Lex Luger


Oh, what could have been for Lex Luger. The former football player was seen as the new Hulk Hogan by WWE, co-winning the 1994 Royal Rumble and being treated as the future of the industry.

Things didn't work out quite so well for Luger though. After becoming known as 'The Total Package', Luger moved to the independent scene following the sale of WCW, though legal problems and injuries greatly affected him. Luger was temporarily paralysed in 2007, in what it is believed was a spinal stroke.

He does have a good relationship with WWE thankfully though. Lex works behind the scenes with the company, providing advice to current stars. He has also produced an autobiography, entitled ' Wrestling with the Devil: The True Story of a World Champion Professional Wrestler – His Reign, Ruin, and Redemption'.

6 Randy Savage


Randy Savage is a wrestling icon, still fondly remembered as perhaps the most charismatic performer of all time. His time with Wolfpac was relatively forgettable and the career of the 'Macho Man' wasn't what it should have been after leaving WCW.

Savage returned to major wrestling after a four year hiatus, joining TNA from 2004-05, but he left and subsequently retired due to health issues. Savage, like others on the list, appeared and gave his voice to films and television shows, including Disney's Bolt.

Randy's relationship with WWE prior to his death in 2011 is not looked back on fondly, but the company have treated him like the hero he was following his death. Savage is rightfully a Hall of Famer and has since been honoured regularly, including by Damien Sandow who took on the persona 'Macho Mandow'.

5 Miss Elizabeth


The original power woman of wrestling, Miss Elizabeth infatuated millions along with Randy Savage as the two became the golden couple of the industry. But during her time with WCW, and especially post Wolfpac, Elizabeth struggled to find the same glory and popularity that she held back in WWE.

That's what makes her early death even sadder, as there was so much more Elizabeth could have done in wrestling. Engaging in a relationship with fellow Wolfpac member Lex Luger, the couple went through very difficult passages in their relationship, with Luger and Elizabeth involved in a domestic dispute in 2003. Little more than a week later, one of the greatest managers in the history of WCW and WWE passed away after a mixture of vodka and painkillers caused Acute Toxicity.

4 Rick Rude


Rick Rude joined the Wolfpac along with Hennig after the disbandment of the original nWo, quickly turning heel. His role in the Wolfpac was a little strange, playing a heel character in a face faction and he ultimately moved over to the black and white, where his tenure didn't last too much longer.

He departed WCW early in 1999 and, sadly, passed away a few months later in April. Rude's death came through a heart failure, with the autopsy revealing a mixture of medications had played their part in his far too soon passing.

Unlike many of the legends on this list, Rude is yet to be added to the WWE Hall of Fame. It can be only a matter of time before his name joins that illustrious list though.

3 Scott Hall


The past 14 years of Scott Hall's life have been a sad tale. He is a legend of the industry with two characters, yet his time in the ring was cut short due to alcohol and drug problems, derailing his return to the WWE.

Thankfully, Hall seems to be back on the right path now though, with Diamond Dallas Page to thank. As shown in the Resurrection of Jake the Snake, Hall has transformed from being in terrible shape physically and mentally into being trusted to return to WWE programming.

Hall was added to the Hall of Fame in 2014 and is now hoping to train his son Cody into following in his fathers footsteps. Appearances at WrestleMania have truly shown that Hall now has his life back on track, perhaps his greatest achievement of all.

2 Scott Steiner


Big Poppa Pump has done his fair share since the WCW days, including a spell back in WWE where he embarked on a World Heavyweight Championship feud with Triple H. There's probably not anything he is known better for though than his hatred for Hulk Hogan.

Steiner regularly goes on record to criticise Hogan for a range of things, one of which being his backstage politics - particularly during his TNA days. Though rumours of an incident with Hogan's wife spread back in 2015, it thrust Steiner back into the spotlight after something of a quiet spell.

Today, 'Freakzilla' wrestles occasionally, becoming a part of the GFW roster a year ago. It's fair to say he's unlikely to appear on WWE television in the next few years, as he's been regularly criticising the company online.

1 Sting


Sting went from being a huge star in WCW to being, well, a huge star in TNA. But 'The Icon' finally make his way to WWE back in 2014 and was put straight into the main event scene. His return at Survivor Series drew one of the biggest crowd reactions the company has ever seen and every in-ring appearance he made drew an increased audience.

But sadly, Sting's run in the company was halted very prematurely after an injury in a title match against Seth Rollins. Sting subsequently retired, but is now finally a member of the Hall of Fame, much like he is in TNA's version. WWE has produced two hugely popular DVDs devoted to Sting and the return of Stinger will forever be remembered. Now if only he could be cleared for that WrestleMania meeting with 'Taker...

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Members Of The nWo Wolfpac: Where Are They Now?