Members Of WWE's The Corporation: Where Are They Now?

A lot of WWE fans will argue that the Attitude Era was the best time in the professional wrestling company’s history. It’s hard to argue against that, as we saw some of the best storylines and factions come through that era. One of the factions that garnered a lot of attention was The Corporation, a heel group that would often screw over the babyface wrestlers and try to impose their will.

While it was annoying to some that The Corporation was always causing dusty finishes to matches, it actually helped in the long run, as it made it so sweet when a storyline paid off with the babyface winning. There have been a lot of authority figure storylines in wrestling history, but the time when The Corporation was in charge is often considered the best.

Led by Vince McMahon, The Corporation would stick around for several months and had a surprising amount of members. All in all, there were 18 people that would join The Corporation at one point or another before it officially disbanded in late April 1999. The group would wind up merging with The Ministry of Darkness that featured The Undertaker and the partnership would officially end in August of that year. So what has become of the original members of The Corporation? Here is what they are all up to now, and some are still very much in the picture.

18 Sgt. Slaughter


Sgt. Slaughter was a huge name as a wrestler in the 1980s, though he would end up taking a role as an on-screen personality in the time of The Corporation. Slaughter was serving as the Commissioner of the company when The Corporation took hold of WWE television, though he would leave after only about a month.

17 The Big Boss Man


A wrestler known as The Big Boss Man is a really good name for a special enforcer and that’s exactly what he did in The Corporation. Big Boss Man was the guy that interfered when it was beneficial for the faction and the personal protector of Vince McMahon and other executives.

Big Boss Man worked with WWE as a trainer once his in-ring career ended, but was released in 2003. He would end up working briefly with the International Wrestling Association of Japan when tragedy struck. Big Boss Man was at his sister’s home on September 22nd, 2004 when he suffered a fatal heart attack. Big Boss Man was just 41 years old, leaving people to wonder how he suffered his heart attack. In 2016, the WWE finally inducted Big Boss Man into the Hall of Fame posthumously.

16 Pete Gas


A member of The Mean Street Posse, Pete Gas would end up joining The Corporation toward the end of their run in April 1999. 10 days after he joined, Gas would become a member of the new Corporate Ministry as a personal friend of Shane McMahon, though he wasn’t as fondly remembered as some of the other faction members.

15 Test


Test would end up joining The Corporation a few weeks after the faction debuted, though he wouldn’t be used all that much. WWE was able to tie that into a storyline, as Test left The Corporation (or was rather kicked out by Shane McMahon), and ended up joining The Union, leading to a feud.

Test would make his final appearance as a member of the WWE roster in 2007 with ECW, then left for TNA. Test retired in February 2009, but sadly would not live much longer. On March 13th, 2009, Test was found dead in his apartment by a neighbor. Police investigated and confirmed that Test have overdosed on oxycodone and suffered from brain damage as a result of his wrestling career. At the time, Test was just 33 years old.

14 Rodney


You can probably already guess that Rodney, who was also a member of The Mean Street Posse, joined at the same time as Pete Gas. Rodney remained with the WWE even after The Corporation merged with The Ministry of Darkness and after that stable broke up as well. Rodney did not stick around the WWE for very much longer after that, wrestling on the independent circuit starting in 2001 after being sent to the Memphis Championship Wrestling developmental territory.

13 Chyna


Chyna was a member of the D-Generation X stable when she left the group to join The Corporation. Chyna was another of the special enforcers that would end up joining The Corporation full-time before any of her fellow DX members. Chyna was with the stable even when they eventually became The Corporate Ministry, though that would last just a couple of more months.

12 Shawn Michaels


One of the more famous members of The Corporation after it started in November 1998, Shawn Michaels would become a big part of the group for a brief time. Michaels had become the Commissioner of the WWE as appointed by Vince McMahon after Sgt. Slaughter’s departure. Michaels’s time with The Corporation would end in December 1998 after he was attacked and fired by McMahon.

11 Shane McMahon


Another of the founding members, Shane McMahon joined along with his father to create The Corporation in November 1998. Shane would end up taking over for his father and started to replace some of the older members of The Corporation with his friends like Rodney and Pete Gas. That included his father and he would end up spearheading the McMahon-Helmsley Era in WWE.

10 Vince McMahon


The head honcho of the company, Vince McMahon was the straw that stirred the drink for The Corporation, having everything done to his will. McMahon was the leader of the faction throughout their run until it seemed like he had been taken over by his son. That would change when it was revealed that McMahon was “The Higher Power” of the Ministry of Darkness, leading to Jim Ross infamously saying “aw, son of a bitch.”

9 Triple H


When The Corporation started, one of their biggest detractors was Triple H, as he was the de facto leader of the D-Generation X stable. Triple H would end up turning on DX when he helped Shane defeat X-Pac, pledging his allegiance to The Corporation. Triple H would remain with the group until The Corporate Ministry days before being a part of the McMahon-Helmsley Era.

8 Road Dogg


During the early days of The Corporation, Vince McMahon tried to get The New Age Outlaws from D-Generation X to join them. It appeared for one night that they did, as The Road Dogg Jesse James was briefly known as Road Dogg, Esquire. That would only last momentarily, as Road Dogg ended up turning his back on The Corporation, showing that he was loyal to DX.

7 Billy Gunn

Of course, when it seemed that Road Dogg had officially joined The Corporation on that December 1998 night, Billy Gunn joined him. His name was rather hilarious, as he was referred to as Bad Ass, Inc. Gunn and Road Dogg wouldn’t stick with The Corporation for more than just that one night and it ended up costing them the Tag Team Championship to other Corporation members.

6 Pat Patterson


Long time wrestler Pat Patterson took an on-screen role with WWE, leading to him becoming a member of The Corporation. Patterson served as one of Vince McMahon’s yes men, leading to him being known as one of the Corporate Stooges. Patterson was one of the original members of The Corporation and was kicked out by Shane McMahon as part of the new youth movement.

5 Gerald Brisco


These days, it’s hard to picture Pat Patterson on-camera without Gerald Brisco also being around. Brisco was the other one of the Corporate Stooges and also joined The Corporation when it officially debuted as a faction. Brisco was also fired by Shane McMahon, but not before he and Patterson could have some very memorable on-screen moments.

4 Kane


In the Attitude Era, it was hard to imagine the demon Kane being able to be controlled by The Corporation, but it turned into a storyline. Kane would end up joining the stable because Vince McMahon blackmailed him. Kane’s ultimatum was that he could either help out the faction or be sent back to the insane asylum he came from, though he was eventually removed in favor of Triple H.

3 Big Show


Speaking of big men that are still capable of putting on a solid match in the right spot, here is the Big Show, who joined The Corporation on Valentine’s Day in 1999. Big Show would not remain a member of The Corporation for very long, beating up Vince McMahon the next month and leaving. Big Show would end up joining the anti-Corporation faction known as The Union with several other members.

2 Ken Shamrock

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Another one of the members that would eventually leave The Corporation in favor of The Union was Ken Shamrock. Shamrock was one of the enforcers used to interfere in matches and dominate the tag team division alongside with The Big Boss Man. Shamrock was also the Intercontinental Champion during his run with The Corporation before being kicked out by Shane McMahon.

1 The Rock


The biggest name in The Corporation certainly had to be The Rock, who was one of the founding members. The heel turn was very memorable as he became “The Corporate Champion” and was basically handed titles while with the group. The Rock was eventually fired after losing the WWE Championship, which caused a face turn when he attacked Shane McMahon.

Well, I think we all know what happened to The Rock. He would end up leaving the company full-time in 2004 and has since become one of the biggest stars in Hollywood with blockbuster movies such as Central Intelligence, San Andreas and the upcoming Jumanji. The Rock still makes appearances with the WWE from time to time since he is still a massive draw, but his most recent match only lasted a few seconds at WrestleMania 32.

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Members Of WWE's The Corporation: Where Are They Now?