Members of WWE's The Nexus: Where Are They Now?

The Nexus will go down as one of the biggest opportunities squandered by the WWE. A group of young stars arriving to invade the main roster and try to take over the company provided great entertainment. The product felt invigorated when The Nexus debuted by attacking John Cena, CM Punk and various employees ringside. You had no idea how much of it was scripted and it made you believe it could be real. WWE had the golden opportunity to make new stars for the future, but dropped the ball. Poor booking would see the momentum go downhill and the rising stars become obsolete.

Some of the individual talents in Nexus went on to have highly successful careers in the WWE. Most would be relegated to lower card work that they could never escape. Everyone has walked a different path with drastically various stories getting them to where they all are today. We’ll look at each individual story of where the once promising faction has evolved into today. The sad fact is we’ll never know just how great The Nexus could have been as a group, but we did get to see everyone showcase their personalities following their split. Let’s take a look at who has thrived and who has not with the “where are they now” stories for every member of The Nexus.

14 Justin Gabriel: Lucha Underground


Many believed Justin Gabriel had the most pure talent of The Nexus bunch due to his aerial maneuvers. Gabriel could pull off high risk moves with the best of them and impressed greatly on the first season of NXT that spawned the faction. WWE never valued him and his career suffered a great decline following the end of Nexus. Gabriel spent the majority of his WWE tenure working in tag team action or lower card work with no signs of relevance.

13 Michael Tarver: Rapper/Indie Wrestler

The biggest bust from The Nexus group has to be Michael Tarver. WWE loved him due to his intimidating look as one of the toughest members of the faction. Tarver had the intensity that made you believe he was a bad man. The unfortunate part is that he was a horrible wrestler. Unlike most of his Nexus peers, Tarver couldn’t deliver compelling wrestling matches and quickly found himself released from his WWE contract once the group ended.

12 CM Punk: UFC Fighter

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Not many remember, but CM Punk actually joined The Nexus as the leader during a transition period. Punk led the “New Nexus” replacing Wade Barrett as the man in charge of the group. This was quite ironic considering Punk actually was the first victim of The Nexus when they attacked him and John Cena to start the group. The story saw Barrett get exiled from the group with Punk giving them more star power since they needed a revamp. WWE viewed this as a last ditch effort to save Nexus, but it sadly didn’t work.

11 Darren Young: WWE Superstar

Darren Young was one of the least impressive members of the first season of NXT. The idea of The Nexus likely saved his career. If everyone went into singles characters following NXT, Young possibly would have been released or sent back down to developmental. Nexus gave him an opportunity to get television time on Raw. Young didn’t shine as bright as some of his peers, but did enough to hold down a roster spot.

10 John Cena: WWE Superstar 

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It is easy to forget that John Cena actually was forced into The Nexus faction for a very short time period. WWE booked Nexus against Cena instantly as he was the top star in the company. New heels going after the biggest dog in the yard makes sense to establish them. A big win for the Nexus group saw Cena have to join them as part of the stipulation. There were some entertaining moments with the heels bossing him around until he was “fired” for failing to comply with the group’s wishes.

9 Mason Ryan: Cirque du Soleil 

The second incarnation of Nexus with CM Punk as leader spurred changes to the group. Punk’s new version of Nexus gave us a couple of new members joining the group to replace the former names associated with the yellow and black. Mason Ryan was given the opportunity to learn under Punk and have a role in the once respected faction. The muscle head look of Ryan appealed to Vince McMahon’s favorite traits of a wrestler. Sadly, his wrestling talent couldn’t match his impressive look.

8 Ezekiel Jackson: Indie Wrestler 


Ezekiel Jackson was never truly in The Nexus but he was a member of the spinoff group known as The Corre. Wade Barrett led the alternative to Nexus, who basically had the same goal as Nexus. The move of Barrett, Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel from Raw to SmackDown saw them add Jackson to their group with the new name. WWE badly wanted to squeeze any juice left out of The Nexus, but The Corre completely flopped.

7 Michael McGillicutty: WWE Superstar 


It is nearly impossible to believe this today, but WWE once had faith in Curtis Axel becoming a top star for the company. The son of legendary superstar Mr. Perfect signed with the hopes of following in his dad’s footsteps as one of the better WWE talents. Unfortunately, his career got off to a horrible start on WWE television with the name Michael McGillicutty. Fans laughed at it from day one and he couldn’t get over in the revamp of The New Nexus under CM Punk.

6 Heath Slater: WWE Superstar 


Heath Slater's career has seen various ups and downs. No one expected him to last this long during the original season of NXT and the early days of Nexus. It was hard to take Slater seriously due to his humorous personality in a faction based off intimidating others. Slater was always an afterthought but still found a way to impress in the ring. Everyone knows Slater is an entertainer first, but he can put on good matches when needed.

5 Husky Harris: WWE Superstar 


One of the best things about The Nexus is that it gave opportunities to new talents trying to find their place in the WWE. The problem is most of the young talents would be squandered with subpar booking making them look like fools. That is the story of Husky Harris’ time in The New Nexus. NXT Season two had less fanfare and star power than Season one, but Harris stood out among the more talented performers of the bunch.

WWE tried to shoehorn him into the new version of Nexus with CM Punk recruiting new stars. The stable was already on its last legs and Husky had no chance of showing his talent in the role.

4 Skip Sheffield: Indie Wrestler 


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It is common knowledge that Ryback used to be Skip Sheffield, but it is still extremely hard to process. The fact that Ryback used to drop the “yep yep yep what it do?” catch phrase is absolutely hilarious to consider. Sheffield was one of the weaker performers on the first season of NXT and would be the first person voted off based on the talent exhibited. Daniel Bryan and Michael Tarver were eliminated before him, but it was due to showing lack of confidence.

3 David Otunga: WWE Commentator 


WWE badly wanted David Otunga to be the star out of NXT. His look, speaking ability and relationship with mainstream singing star Jennifer Hudson all played into the potential of Otunga. You can just tell Vince McMahon and company hoped he would progress at a level that could see him become a future World Champion. Otunga finished second overall in the NXT competition to Wade Barrett before coming to the main roster in The Nexus.

2 Daniel Bryan: WWE General Manager of SmackDown 


The shortest reigning member of The Nexus happened to be the most successful one. Daniel Bryan had a terrible time in NXT and was expected to play a big role in Nexus having reason for wanting to take down WWE. The first night of the debut called for the group to beat down everyone ringside realistically. Bryan would choke announcer Justin Roberts with his own tie and spit on John Cena. Both of those acts were against the rules and WWE fired him later that week.

1 Wade Barrett: Acting 


All of the members of The Nexus had their own unique strengths but each man had glaring flaws. Wade Barrett was the closest thing to the total package and that’s why WWE had him win NXT Season one. This led to Barrett being the clear leader of The Nexus as he orchestrated the group coming to fruition to run amok in the WWE. Barrett impressed against the likes of John Cena and Randy Orton in main event feuds and appeared ready to become a huge star for the company.

Everything quickly went downhill. Barrett lost to the bigger stars and fell into obscurity. WWE completely gave up on Barrett and killed all of his momentum gained as Nexus' leader. The career of Barrett would see more stop and start pushes for years until he finally got fed up. Barrett decided to let his contract expire this year and has left the WWE. There’s no telling what he will do next in wrestling as he remains on the free agent market. The only thing certain is Barrett has high hopes of getting more acting gigs, but he’ll likely return to wrestling sooner or later in a new promotion.

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Members of WWE's The Nexus: Where Are They Now?