TLC Match In Jeopardy After Meningitis Scare

Some of the matches scheduled to take place at this Sunday's TLC pay-per-view may be at risk due to a meningitis virus.

There has been some speculation over the last ten days or so as to why Bray Wyatt, Bo Dallas, and Jojo Offerman have been absent from Raw television tapings as well as live events over the past two weekends. The worry was that The Eater of Worlds, his girlfriend, and his brother may have followed Neville out the door of WWE.

That has since turned out not to be the case. Earlier this week PWInsider revealed that the actual reason Bo Dallas has been off of Raw is because he may have a meningitis virus. While it wasn't confirmed by the site that Wyatt and Offerman have also fallen ill with the virus, it was said that the two of them are being kept away from Dallas in order to keep them well enough for TLC this Sunday.


That's all well and good in theory, but it seems that WWE's TLC plans might be up in the air nonetheless. Ryan Satin posted on Twitter on Thursday evening that the meningitis scare on the Raw roster is "very real and could definitely affect the TLC card." While Dallas doesn't have a match on the show, his brother Wyatt is supposed to be doing battle with The Demon, Finn Balor.

While the details of this meningitis scare have only come to light over the past 48 hours it's clearly something Wyatt, Dallas, and WWE have been contending with for the past two weeks. Aside from a pre-taped Sister Abigial promo from Wyatt, neither Rotunda brother has been on Raw or on the road with WWE for almost a fortnight. WWE was obviously depending on Wyatt being back before TLC, hence them pushing forward with the Abigial angle, but it now looks like that may not be possible.



The Finn Balor vs Bray Wyatt match not going ahead as planned will be a huge spanner in the works for WWE. Balor is meant to be returning as The Demon, while the main attraction is supposed to be the first physical appearance of Sister Abigail. It won't be the first or the last time that WWE had to change plans at the eleventh hour, though, and what's more important than the angle or the match card is the health of Dallas, Wyatt, Offerman, and whoever else may be suffering from the virus.

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