Adult Film Star Going To Wrestling Show After Insulting Rant

Mia Khalifa's attack on professional wrestling has ironically earned the adult film star a booking next month with an independent promotion.

Every now and again, someone from outside the realm of professional wrestling decides to take a dig at the business and turn themselves into public enemy number one in the eyes of the fans. Conor McGregor did it not too long ago, a member of Kings of Leon did it too, and now Mia Khalifa has joined that exclusive club.


A few days ago, Khalifa appeared on the show Out of Bounds and was asked about the prospect of Ronda Rousey signing for WWE. Khalifa said that Rousey's career will die there and that she has no respect for WWE. Naturally, her comments sparked backlash from the wrestling world, performers and fans alike, although Khalifa got one response that she probably wouldn't have been expecting.

Amidst the insults and outrage, pro wrestler Kobra Moon extended an invitation to the adult film star asking if she would like to attend an independent wrestling show in Austin next month. The event is called War of the Genders 2 and will feature a card focused on intergender wrestling. Khalifa accepted the invitation right away tweeting "just cause I love talking sh*t doesn’t mean I’m not open to having my opinion challenged! Thank you for the invite!!"

Some fans who are clearly still hurting from the comments made by Khalifa a few days ago are skeptical as to whether Moon made the right decision to invite her and even think that she will no show the event. Kobra defended herself by saying that she is giving Khalifa the benefit of the doubt. Khalifa also replied to fans and Kobra a few times, asking if Moon has a t-shirt that she can wear in order to promote the event.

Mia Khalifa is known for provoking various athletes on social media and it's really just a ploy that helps her build up her own reputation. The comments she made about Ronda Rousey and WWE are just another example of that and it's worked. Not only is she getting an awful lot of attention on Twitter off the back of it, but she has also managed to get herself invited to an indie wrestling show. Well played Khalifa, even if your method is slightly suspect.


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