Michael Cole Gets Buff!!

via WWE.com

While you might not be the biggest fan of Michael Cole’s persona as an announcer, you cannot deny what he has accomplished, personally, in the past eleven months. On Wednesday, WWE.com featured an interview about Michael Cole which showcased photos of him being very in-shape at the moment. “I feel better now at 48 years old than I did at 21 years old,” said Cole. He has dropped 65 pounds and is down to 6.5 percent body fat from 29.9. He has also quit drinking alcohol, which will no doubt help assist in losing weight. Overall, he stated that he realized he needed to make some life changes.

It was not too long ago that Cole actually competed in the ring. He looked terrible wearing high school wrestling spandex. He began getting unhappy at himself when he looked in the mirror. He tried going hiking in Wyoming and realized he was not in enough shape to get to the top. Could there be a possibility that the attention he is getting from this interview coupled with the fact that he is in shape that he could get back involved in matches? “Never, ever again!” You never know what Vince might have in store.

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