Michael Hayes Claims Carmella Has Stolen Everything He Ever Did

Despite Carmella now being an established name on the SmackDown Live roster, she didn't have the greatest of starts once she left NXT. Triple H kept her around in Full Sail after her tag team partners Enzo and Cass moved on up to Raw so that she could hone her craft and create her own personal persona.

In NXT that undoubtedly worked but on SmackDown Live it took her a while to find her feet. Fans weren't reacting to her schtick and she was getting no reaction. Miss Money in the Bank tweaked her character though and now it's hard to imagine her not being a part of the blue brand's women's division. Plus as hinted at above she was the winner of the first ever women's Money in the Bank match.


On Twitter recently a fan asked The Princess of Staten Island why she uses the moonwalk, also stating that the only other wrestler they recall using it was Michael Hayes. Enter The Fabulous Freebird himself who claimed that Carmella has stolen all of his wrestling gimmicks asking 'where do you think she came up with fabulous?'. He also added that she'll likely be singing her own entrance music before long.

It's all in good fun of course as the two of them presumably work together in WWE and Carmella was quick to respond with what she will be stealing next. She won't be singing her own entrance music any time soon but said that she might adopt Hayes' signature fanny pack. The Freebird then blamed Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson of Something To Wrestle With for giving her the idea.

What Michael Hayes wouldn't argue with is even though Carmella may have adopted some of his signature gimmicks, she looks far better doing it than he did even during his heyday. If you're going to cherry pick aspects of someone's wrestling persona then Hayes is a good choice. Not only was he extremely successful and popular as a part of The Fabulous Freebirds, but if you're a WWE Superstar the guy is right there for you to pick his brain.

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