Mick Foley Promptly Deletes Tweet Revealing His Hotel Phone Number

Mick Foley had to act fast this week to rectify a slip up that could have resulted in him getting an awful lot of phone calls.

Former Raw General Manager Mick Foley has been quite rightfully resting up this week. The Hardcore Legend went under the knife on Monday afternoon when he had a knee replacement. Early indications show that the surgery was a success and now Foley just has to heal up.


Foley didn't actually reveal that he was having surgery on his knee until he was on his way into theater. On Monday, the man once known as Mankind shared on social media that he was mere minutes away from his knee replacement surgery. Following the operation, Foley assured fans that all was well and that the surgery was a success. He is very active on social media and posted another update later in the week, but it was pointed out to him that he may have revealed a little too much.

WHY DID FOLEY DELETE TWEET? Moments after sending out a sentimental tweet about the importance of #RAW always being...

Posted by Mick Foley on Wednesday, September 13, 2017

It's not as embarrassing as it sounds. On Wednesday night Foley posted an explanation on his Facebook as to why he had deleted a tweet of him watching Raw while recuperating in his hotel room. Turns out if you zoomed in on the pic you could actually see the phone number for Mick's room. Shortly after posting the tweet, someone called the number and informed him of the fact. He then promptly removed the post and asked the front desk of the hotel to hold all calls for the room until noon the next day. Since Foley has now re-shared the photo on his Facebook, it's probably safe to assume that he's no longer staying at the hotel, just for those thinking of giving him a call.



After a career of hardcore matches and death defying stunts, Mick Foley underwent a lot of procedures in order to fix some of the damage done. For years now, Mrs. Foley's Baby Boy has walked with a limp and presumably, this knee replacement surgery is an attempt to rectify that, or at least relieve a little of the pain.

Mick Foley is extremely lucky that the first call he received was from someone kind enough to explain exactly how they came across his hotel room phone number. As he pointed out in the Facebook post, it could have led to him being woken up at 3 a.m. by an over-exuberant fan. That's not exactly what he needs when he's trying to recover from major surgery.

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