10 Best Matches Of Mick Foley's Career, Ranked

Mick Foley is one of the all-time greats, a Hardcore Legend and a WWE Hall Of Famer, he is often discussed on the same level as the very best. While people often talk about the insane bumps he took or his amazing character work, that isn't all that he is known for.

Despite not appearing as athletic as other top wrestlers from his generation, Mick Foley was always able to mix it up with them and compete.

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Putting on countless amazing matches in WWE, WCW, and ECW, Foley proved himself to be an elite performer. Foley has had tons of amazing matches and within this list, we will rank his 10 greatest.

10 Cactus Jack vs Sting (Beach Blast, 1992)

We kickstart this list with a match from Mick Foley's WCW run when he went one-on-one with Sting at Beach Blast. It was a short match but they went for an incredibly fast pace which made up for it.

This was Foley's first real main event moment and he more than delivered on his opportunity, proving he was good enough. Being able to hang with Sting was something many people couldn't do, but Foley certainly had the talent.

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While it wasn't the absolute greatest match of either man's careers due to the lack of time they got, they certainly made the most of the opportunity.

9 Mick Foley vs Randy Orton (Backlash 2004)

Everyone knows that Mick Foley has no problem putting his body on the line, and in 2004 he did so once again to help establish Randy Orton. The young wrestler dubbed himself the Legend Killer, and it was thanks to Foley that the gimmick really got over.

While Orton was able to RKO a bunch of former talents, it was Foley who really put himself out there for Orton to prove himself. With all the weapons imaginable the two men beat the hell out of each other.

Orton stepped up and took plenty of punishment here as well in what was a breakout moment for him. But it was thanks to Foley's legend that this match became as legendary as it did.

8 Cactus Jack vs Vader (Halloween Havoc, 1993)

When Mick Foley worked under the Cactus Jack character, the matches are always likely to be more violent and hard-fought. When you combine that with the physical approach of Vader it is no surprise that this was the outcome.

Within just minutes of this match, both men were busted upon as they throw major blows towards each other and the match continued in that vein. Constantly physical, this felt more like a fight than a professional wrestling match.

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However, that is exactly why the match worked so well. They tore each other apart and even though the finish of the match was disappointing as Foley didn't answer a 10 count due to interference, that doesn't take away from the excellent of the match itself.

7 Cactus Jack vs Sabu (Holiday Hell, 1995)

Even though most fans remember Mick Foley for his time in WWE and WCW, he did have a fantastic run in ECW as well. This was perhaps his most violent time, where every single match he had would be met with some form of brutality.

Of course, when you place him to go one on one with Sabu, the chances of violence are always going to increase. This match came towards the end of Foley's run with the company and he ensured he went out with a bang.

Foley started the match in his 'non-hardcore' phase where he was trying to prove he could wrestle. But as the match went on, he quickly went back to being the Hardcore Legend.

6 Cactus Jack vs Triple H (No Way Out, 2000)

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Unfortunately, this Hell in a Cell match is often overlooked due to what Mick Foley did with The Undertaker, but this is still a fantastic match. For the second time in his career, Foley was sent crashing through the roof, this time breaking the mat upon landing.

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It was clear that Foley was attempting to top his legendary bout in any way possible and it made for a very entertaining occasion. They brought everything they had to conclude what was a very bitter rivalry.

5 Mick Foley vs Edge (WrestleMania 22)

Mick Foley always did his best to try and put over other talents throughout his career, especially towards the end of his career. This WrestleMania 22 match is a perfect example of that as he went above and beyond to help establish Edge.

At this stage, Edge was just starting to develop himself as a main event star and Foley was winding down. But that didn't stop him putting on a clinic with the Rated-R Superstar with a hardcore stipulation added.

With the bright lights of WrestleMania shining, the two men went to insane levels to steal the show. Despite the fact that Foley was already an established WWE legend, he still took a spear through a burning table to put Edge over.

4 Mankind vs The Rock (Royal Rumble 2000)

For some people, this match went too far and was incredibly brutal with the countless repetitive chair shots directly to the head of Mankind. The vast majority of those were unprotected and it was very difficult to watch throughout.

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However, there can be no denying that this wasn't perfect storytelling. Competing in an I Quit match, this was always going to be tough for The Rock to win and Mankind made sure of that.

Refusing to say the two words to grant Rocky the win, the violence and brutality had to keep being raised. Eventually, The Rock cheated to win, but it really did cement just how crazy Foley was and how much punishment he was willing to take.

3 Mankind vs Shawn Michaels (In Your House: Mind Games, 1996)

There are no bells and whistles here, no stipulations or weapons, just a classic singles match. Sometimes, that is all you need and for Foley that was certainly the case as the two men put on a brilliant bout.

Foley more than keeps up with Michaels throughout this match, proving any of the doubters wrong. Helping to push HBK at the same time, both men created a masterpiece that everyone should see.

2 Mankind vs The Undertaker (King Of The Ring, 1998)

While this list has proven that Mick Foley was always able to compete in a pure wrestling sense, it is impossible to not mention his legendary Hell in a Cell match. This brutal match with The Undertaker is Foley's most well-known moment, whether he can remember it or not.

Foley took countless insane bumps in this match, from being thrown off the cell to being thrown through the cell and much more! People often forget that even after the sickening second bump, Foley continued to wrestle.

The match is the absolute peak of drama in wrestling that nobody has come close to, or will ever be able to match. There is a reason it is one of the most talked-about matches of all time, and that's because it is amazing.

1 Cactus Jack vs Triple H (Royal Rumble 2000)

While everybody loves to talk about Mick Foley's Hell in a Cell match, his greatest match came against Triple H. Working as Cactus Jack, he and The Game would absolutely destroy each other at the 2000 Royal Rumble to steal the entire show.

Battling in a street fight, the two men brought out all the toys. From a barbed wire bat to mallets and steel chairs, they brawled and tried to tear pieces out of each other with both men trying to prove a point.

There was some wrestling involved, but this was classic hardcore Foley shining through. With the thumbtacks being introduced for good measure, the two men stole the show with a huge "Foley" chant erupting as he was wheeled away.

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