10 Funniest Moments Of Mick Foley's Career

When you think about Mick Foley, your first thoughts instantly go towards the crazy things he did to his body and the horrendous injuries that he sustained throughout his career to become the Hardcore Legend we know and love to this day.

However, Foley didn't just rely upon serious and dangerous wrestling to make it to the top. He's also known for doing a lot of comedic things.

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Whether it be during matches or in promos and backstage segments, Foley showcased his hilarious side, which is why it isn't a surprise that he now does stand-up, with his comedy beginning in the squared circle. Within this list, we will look at Foley's 10 funniest moments.

10 Rock & Foley Agree To Team

The Rock and Mick Foley have had some of WWE's funniest moments together, and one of those came when they officially agreed to team up, with Foley asking The Rock to be his partner backstage.

The whole thing took place with Michael Cole interviewing The Rock, which always led to some incredible comedy, with the People's Champion throwing one of his t-shirts over Cole's head to finish the interview.

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The Rock and Foley showed their fantastic chemistry in this segment and it was clear that they were going to work well together moving forward, with the two men making everyone laugh out loud in just one small segment.

9 Socko Meets The Cobra

Towards the end of Mick Foley's in-ring career, the WWE Hall Of Famer was well aware that he was physically limited in what he could do in the ring, but that didn't stop him from wanting to get in and mix it up as best he could.

When Foley appeared in the 2012 Royal Rumble, he proved that he still had plenty to offer.  Even if he couldn't exactly get too physical, he provided a hilarious mid-match moment with Santino Marella.

The two men had a cowboy-style staredown as they both busted out their respective sock puppets and began letting them do the fighting in a moment that received a huge ovation from the live audience.

8 Cheering Up Vince McMahon

This is considered to be a classic Raw moment and it is all down to the incredible comedic ability of both Mick Foley and Vince McMahon, with this scene taking place when the WWE Chairman was hospitalized after an attack by Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Foley turned up in an attempt to cheer up McMahon, but no matter what he did, McMahon simply would not crack a smile. Foley pulled out all the stops from a clown that made balloons to Mr. Socko himself.

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With Foley's comedic attempts cracking up the audience, things were made even funnier by McMahon's incredible reactions to it all, creating one of the funniest moments in Raw history.

7 Holy Foley

This isn't one specific moment from Mick Foley's career, but is rather an entire show that everyone should check out on the WWE Network, with this being a reality-style program that focuses on the entire Foley family.

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Within the show, you get to see what the real Mick Foley is like and the vast majority of the show will have you in stitches at some of the ridiculous things that the WWE Hall Of Famer does and how he lives his life.

While there are some more serious and emotional family moments, for the majority of the time, this is a very funny show that is well worth checking out if you're a Foley fan.

6 Using The Rock's Catchphrase

As we previously mentioned, The Rock and Mick Foley had incredible chemistry and a lot of their time together revolved around humor, which was never more apparent than when Foley made his return to the company.

The Rock put Foley over for everything that they had achieved as opponents and as friends in their careers, which was followed up by Mick putting The Rock over for becoming WWF Champion again.

Just as it seemed like a normal exchange was about to take place, Foley caught The Rock off-guard with one of his own lines, using the classic "It doesn't matter what" line against him, which led to an incredible response from the fans.

5 Hall Of Fame Comedy

It came to nobody's surprise that Mick Foley was inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame after an unbelievable career with the company, but considering how big of a role comedy has played in his career, he was always going to bring that into his speech.

While Foley gave one of the best Hall Of Fame speeches of all time, one of the highlights was when he called out Chris Jericho over the fact he never got to beat him within his wrestling career.

This led to an impromptu match on the stage with Foley and Jericho, as CM Punk hopped up to act as the referee. Foley finally got his official victory over Jericho.

4 Three Faces, One Night

This was likely unintentionally funny, with WWE probably wanting this to feel serious, yet it actually ended up being hilarious for fans as Mick Foley entered the 1998 Royal Rumble three times in one match.

Foley worked the match as Mankind, Cactus Jack, and Dude Love, continuing to appear after he was eliminated, much to the surprise of the WWE Universe who didn't expect it.

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While Foley was unable to score a Rumble victory with any of the three characters, it certainly provided a moment that will never be forgotten and was very funny.

3 His Books

One of the biggest achievements of Mick Foley's career hasn't been inside the ring, but instead on the page, with his New York Times best-selling books, which have all been a major hit among fans.

If you want funny stories from Foley, then there really is no better place to get it than his books, as the Hardcore Legend goes into great detail about different aspects of his career.

While there are some serious moments as he shares frustrations, some of his absolute best stories take place within the books, so you certainly should give them a read.

2 Interacting With Edge & Christian

One of the greatest times of Mick Foley's career was when he worked as Commissioner Foley, a period of he really showed his comedic chops as he ruled over Monday Night Raw.

Foley had hilarious interactions with everyone in WWE, but there was nobody he had greater chemistry with than Edge and Christian, who were a team who liked to moan a lot at the time.

You can't highlight just one single moment from their interactions, as they had plenty and all of them were equally as funny as the previous, with the three men just clicking.

1 This Is Your Life

Could there be any other moment to take the top prize than the quite frankly insane, "This Is Your Life" segment from Monday Night Raw, which was so good that it went on to become the highest-rated episode in WWE history.

With The Rock and Mankind still a tag team at this point, Foley wanted to apologize to the People's Champion after using Mr. Socko on him the night before in a match for the WWE Championship.

This led to a long yet hilarious segment that saw Foley bring out people from The Rock's past and of course, from there the madness began, creating one of the funniest moments in wrestling history in a segment that will never be forgotten.

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